L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara: Good Idea but...

Hi everybody,

I have to admit that I was really happy to get a nice scoop from a product that has not launched yet in the U.S (thanks to Chris and Co.) This time around, I got an opportunity to try L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara before it is released in October. Why I am so lucky, I don't know :)

Beside the magnanimous success of L'Oreal Volumious, Telescopic does not look like such a shiny beacon. However, those who enjoy lengthening mascaras often suggest Telescopic as one of the best. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to try Telescopic but whenever I got to the supermarket, I bought Voluminous instead! Therefore, I was more than delighted to try the not-yet-released in the U.S Telescopic Explosion.

Let's explore this mascara together, shall we?

A closer look at the label

The wand :)

As I mentioned in the above picture, the plastic wand that Telescopic Explosion has is exactly the same as the famous Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes that lots of people have been raving about. However, the cost for the new Telescopic is going to be a lot cheaper: around 10 dollars compared to 28 bucks the Givenchy costs.

And the crucial question is whether the Telescopic Explosion is a good dupe of Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes. We are going to find out after the jump!

For those who have not seen my bare naked lashes before, here are some pictures to give you an idea:
(Pictures are clickable!)

Sorry for the crooked pictures, basically I have the typical straight and sparse Asian lashes. Now let's see what my new mascara can do for me!

After first coat of mascara

As you can see, the lashes looked longer and since I did not curl them, they remained stick straight.

After second coat of mascara

The length improved dramatically but I started to see some clumping. After trials and errors, I came to the conclusion that wiping the wand does help but to a certain extend only.

And after the third coat of mascara

Major length and major clumps! I should have stopped while I was ahead. But look at the length! My lashes had never looked like that before! While I am happy with the length and the staying power of this new mascara, I realize it has a lot of rooms for improvement. Since it is a lengthening mascara, it does not offer any volume whatsoever. For those who do not have such lush and full lashes like me, this mascara does emphasize the lack of volume. Also, the formula is tricky to work with and if you choose to use this mascara, make sure you have tissues and lash comb nearby. It's a clump magnet!

However, I am not going to let this mascara go to waste. The wand is so fabulous that it coats every single lash and I am going to try it with Voluminous to see if there is any difference. Gio also has a review of this mascara earlier in the week and I am surprised that Europeans have to pay a lot more for their mascaras!

That's all for this week, folks! I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.


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