More Adorned with Grace Eye Shadow Swatches

Hi ladies,

In this lovely morning, I would like to bombard introduce to your more swatches of eye shadows that I purchased from Adorned with Grace (AwG) minerals. Thank to the 15 for 12 dollars sample deal from AwG, I was able to obtain a whole lot of eyeshadow samples to play with. And Franchesca, the owner of AwG, was so kind to include some colors for me to try as well.

This time I break the colors into 3 groups: blues and greens, neutrals, and purples/other. The eye colors from AwG as mentioned earlier in this post are really pigmented and elegant. Again, they remind me a lot of Bobbi Brown eye shadows.

Blues and Greens:

Top-bottom: Enduring, Placid, Tranquility, Playful, Benevolent, Loyal
  • Enduring is an emerald green eyeshadow with some shimmers. If you love green eye shadows, this is the perfect green for you.
  • Placid is a shimmering blue-green color with more blue than green. It kinda reminds me of MAC Parrot but with less shimmer.
  • Tranquility is a gorgeous peacock green eyeshadow with some shimmers. It's the most interesting color of this group in my opinion.
  • Playful is another blue-green color that reminds me of the green paint pot from McQueen collection. It's currently AwG's Limited Edition color so get it when you still can :)
  • Benevolent is MAC Cash Flow, period. This is a dirty gold color that has a bit of green in it, very pretty color indeed!
  • Loyal is a true indigo blue that is so pretty. It's lighter than Deep Truth but has the same finish.


Top-bottom: Ingenious, Exquisite, Stunning

Since I have so many neutral colors already, I only picked 3 neutrals from AwG but the brand has a lot more of neutrals and browns for those who love them.
  • Ingenious is a brown color with flecks of green in it. I did not notice the green sparks until the picture came out. Really interesting color, indeed!
  • Exquisite is a mid tone brown with some brown shimmers.
  • Stunning does live up with its name: this color is copper brown but has an ability to color shift. The picture shows that ability because you see specks of purple in it.
This group of color is much more difficult to take pictures as the colors are shifting and I don't even use flashes. The sunlight is enough for them to change colors.

Purples and others:

Recently I found myself in a purple mood as all of my most recent eye shadows are in various shades of purple. I think purple is the new black this season y'all! AwG has the prettiest purples I've ever seen and the colors are easy to use without giving me the "just got beaten up" look.

Top-Bottom: Adorable, Elegance, Inspiring, Intuitive, Devoted (from last review), and Fearless
  • Adorable is a cute purple-pink color that is suitable for everyday use. It's low shimmer as well.
  • Elegance is a shimmering dark egg plant eyeshadow that is pretty to use as an outer-v color.
  • Inspiring is a shimmering purple ink color that is suitable to be used as a liner.
  • Intuitive is a greyish purple color. I think it looks like the sky on a stormy day. This would make a very lovely smokey eye look indeed.
  • Fearless is a very shimmering grey color. I was drawn to this color after just one look. Franchesca told me it's her rock star color and I do agree with her.
I am really happy with my AwG eye shadow samples. These colors are really pretty and pigmented. The samples will sure last me for a while. Right now shipping is still free so please place your orders before things change. If you have used AwG before, please share your experience, I'd love to hear from you.

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