A Time to Have Incredible Eyebrows

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! Today, I need to post very short and quick as my right hand is killing me. Although I've been through this before, I still do not fully understand the importance of my body. Abusing my right hand too much in the form of writing and using the computer has never been a good thing. Last weekend, I spent most of my time relaxing and putting my hand away so I did not have to use it. Now, I feel a bit better but it is still hurting me!

Anyways, after so many years of learning to groom my own eyebrows, I came to a conclusion that I'm not so good at it. My eyes and face are not very symmetric and as a result, my eyebrows look like two different animals. I can go to the salon to get them groomed but most times I came out with really thin eyebrows. After reading so many books about makeup and beauty, I now can groom my own brows with confidence. But that's going to be another post for another day, as I can't type a detailed post today (or anytime soon!)

The one discovery that makes my life a whole lot easier is the eyebrow powder/wax combo. In these pictures, I used E.L.F Studio eyebrow kit and it is very easy to use. I'll do a review/tutorial in the future, don't worry!

I didn't have any foundation on, just eye liners, mascara, and brow powder


Close-up of the bangin' eyebrows
They almost look symmetrical!

See my lashes?
I used the wand of L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion and the juice of L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascaras. I like the volume and length from this combination.

For those who wonders what I used on my eyes, this is what I did:
  • I lined my upper lashes with a liquid eyeliner, then applied several coats of mascaras. After that, I lined my lower lashes with Wet n Wild eyeliner in Turquoise. I also highlighted the area underneath my brow bone with a chubby white liner.
 These days, I barely have time to apply makeup anymore. Also, the humidity is so high that I feel everything will just slide off my face the moment I step outside. And on top of that, to make life more "interesting", my face has been giving me a hard time with all the zits and scars.

But don't feel so bad for me, I have bangin' eyebrows all by myself!


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