MAC Style Black Tickles My Fancy

Hello there, gorgeous!

It's been a while since a MAC limited edition release makes me feel so inspired. In fact, since the Hello Kitty LE, I did not buy anything limited edition from MAC (but I did take advantage of the SUMO sale and got me some awesome birthday presents!) Therefore, I was more than delighted to see the release photo of MAC Style Black in my inbox. This collection was released with the right timing: this fall, makeup is all about dark, vampy lips and smoked out eyes to the extreme.

MAC Style Black promo picture

Since I really dig the eye look, I took some time to explore this collection online and came to a conclusion that MAC is heading into the right direction. Not only the face charts are better explained, they also include a video of Nadine Luke doing a black lip and eye look on a model! Needless to say, I feel like Christmas coming early.

While some of the looks have the theatrical flair, others are surprisingly wearable. Also, I believe you don't need to wear black lipstick and lip gloss if that's not your thing. Dark burgundy lip colors would be nice substitutes and are more wearable, too.

So far, here are the two looks I want to experiment:

MAC Blue Flame face chart

This look is basically a smokey eyed look with an azure liner at the bottom lash line. I think I have some colors that are similar to the ones in the face chart. You may see me do my own version of Blue Flame one day :)

MAC Blackfire face chart

I really love Blackfire as the eyes are similar to Kevyn Aucoin's look that I did before. This time around, I'll find a softer black liner and go to town with it!

Click here to view the Nadine Luke tutorial. It's awesome!

So, dear readers, what do you think about Style Black? Do black lipstick and gloss tickle your fancy? I'd love to hear your comments.


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