Napoleon Perdis Loose Dusts: Why MAC Pigments Still Reign

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm behind and this product came to me last month. Napoleon Perdis, the Australian makeup company, is moving from Sephora to Target and as a result, all their Sephora stock has been on sale for a while. I was curious of their products and got myself two jars of loose dusts to try. This type of product is more towards your indie mineral eyeshadow than your jar of MAC pigment. At a full price of $20 USD, I would not even thought of buying them but the 75% off really pacified me well and as a result, I got two colors: Blue Velvet and Scream Blue.

L-R: Blue Velvet and Scream Blue
And you wonder if you're seeing double :D

At first, I thought so too. Why on earth I ordered two of the same color? Did I go insane when ordering stuff at midnight? Truth be told, these two colors are similar but not the same. Blue velvet is a bit lighter than Scream Blue but if you miss one, you don't really miss anything.

Top-Bottom: Scream Blue and Blue Velvet
Once again, Picassa decided to invert the picture, argh!

Each color is housed in a flat jar that's similar to your 20 gram mineral makeup jar but without a shifter. Each jar contains 4.5 grams of dust which is generous for pigment size. The pigments are very finely milled and pigmented. However, the jar is not the best of its kind and Scream Blue already leaked during shipping. The lack of shifter makes it messy to apply and these pigments fall out quite a lot during application. The only good thing about Napoleon Perdis loose dusts is the ingredients: they are 100% minerals, same ingredients as your mineral eyeshadow. I feel a lot better using these than MAC pigments as the later has some synthetic ingredients to adhere to your skin.

However, with the lack of adherence, the staying power is not that great. I saw creases after 4 hours so a good eyeshadow base is very necessary. At the full price, I think this product needs a lot of improvement but for the discount price, I'm not complaining so loudly. I also believe the NP duo eye shadows sold at Target for 22 dollars is a step up from this as the application is easier and less messy. However, I'm still not lovin' the price.

Did you get anything from the Sephora summer sales? Please share with me your haul, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy hump day, two more days until the weekend! Take care and be gorgeous,
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