Hard Candy Eye Candy in Taffy: Simply Adorable!

Hi bellas,

You know, as a blogger I have two biggest fears: not having materials to write and having too many things to write about. I know, those two things sound kind of ironic standing next to each other but they are the blogger's universal truth. And right now, I'm having the second one: having too many things on my plate to write about. As we all know, I like to do a detailed entry instead of writing 2 lines and a picture to call it a post. So bear with me, the product in this post was indeed purchased from last month but it's so lovely I have to pull it out and write about it.

Before we have any further discussion, let me have a quick pop quiz for y'all. It's not like we have pop quizzes everyday here so let's have fun with me ;)

This is a trick question: which one of the above is an eyeshadow?
(zooming the picture does not count, and no, you're not going to win anything!)

Answer: the one on the right (or "This One!" speaking in John McCain's voice)
The other one is a pack of Oral-B dental floss, hahaha :D

Hard Candy has the cutest packaging I've ever seen! Despite resembling a pack of dental floss, Hard Candy eye shadow package is as cute as a button. Just look at it:

The cute round and green package, the little heart
Oh, I'm a sucker for cute little things!

What's cuter is you can slide up to reveal the beautiful eyeshadow.
This one is called Taffy which is a beautiful mauve pink eye color. Hard Candy describes it as a "dusty rose" color.

The color is so close to my skin that it's a perfect daytime eye color.
It's also close to Adorne with Grace eyeshadow in "Adorable"

The good news is Hard Candy has a 50% off sale in all of their stock. This eyeshadow is silky smooth to apply and the texture is velvety soft. It has a satin finish which is not too over the top but not too dull either. I use this color alternatively with Adorable as my daytime look as it is elegant and chic. I'm still kicking myself in the shin for not getting more of their eye shadows as this color is so cute. Rumor on the street has it that Hard Candy is going out of business. If it's true, you've got to get them before they're gone to the makeup heaven.

Yesterday while I was preparing some tea, a wasp bit me on my right thumb and man, it hurt a lot! That sneaky thing hid underneath the lid and when I lifted it up, that wasp bit me. If you thought having injections hurt, being bitten by a wasp just felt horrible. Within minutes, my thumb was as big as my toe! A lot of ice, some Benadryl (I drove to CVS to get it!) and some hours later, the thumb deflated down to almost regular size. I'm lucky not to be allergic to bees and now I know how to deal when having bee stings. Hopefully it will never happen again.

If you already owned some Hard Candy colors, please share your experience. I'd love to hear from you.

Ciao for now,
Your Makeup Blogger

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