香港 DAY 2 & 3

DAY 2!

It was getting a bit colder on the second day, like around 15 - 18 degrees!
Serene and I woke up early in the morning at 10am (super early for someone who wakes up at 12nn/1pm) to have dimsum at Lin Heung!

Loving the cupcake beanie I bought on the first day and my dad's trusty white high socks lol. Because I don't  wear sneakers so I don't own socks, therefore I had to resort to stealing my dad's nerdy socks hahaha

The obligatory tourist shot in HK.

So this is Central which is located in Hong Kong Island. This is also the famous nightlife lane of HK, similar to Clarke Quay. It's called Lan Kwai Fong.

My favorite H&M outlet is located here!

Come back from Perth soon BB, I miss you already!! She's also TJM supporter, can you see the TJM coat on her??? I obviously am a TJM lover luh!! Head to toe decked in TJM all the time!

So this is Lin Heung, one of HK's oldest timsum restaurant! Pretty famous and is really like a typical HK restaurant. Located at Wellington street (: My fav eggtarts from Tai Cheong Bakery is nearby also!

See what I mean by oldest timsum restaurant? Filled with TONS of elderly also!!! 
Totally loving it cos I think elderlies can be quite cute and they just make the place legitimately traditional hahaha

So these fierce waitresses would be pushing their carts around. Be forewarned, Hong Kongers (especially those working in low service line) generally are very rude and impatient. I don't think they intentionally wanna treat you like you're a "slowpoke and get out of my shop already" but it's more of like their culture that they are like that?
Especially in such traditional restaurants, everything is FAST FAST FAST. Don't ask too many questions or take too many pictures of your food. Come in, find your own seats (usually tables are shared among strangers), don't ask more than 1 question when ordering food, finish up your food and don't chit chat there, pay money and go. 
It's a fun or rather fresh experience, but you can sometimes feel like a burden or even offended by their impatience.

Spotted a crowded cafe called Fast Slow Cafe and got our caffeine fix!

No idea why these water "bottles" were all over the road.

My priddy girl <3

Makeshift Hello Kitty cookies shop along the road!

Didn't do much at Central and headed off to Causeway bay to shop!

Went to the new F21 and they sell all sorts of things!!! Pillows, Hello Kitty stuff, bedsheet, make up, umbrella etc etc. Didn't get anything from F21 though!

6 LEVELS!!! Singapore, you suck.

And this was near Sogo! Went for mask shopping in Sasa! The face masks/skincare products are quite cheap so I usually buy quite a lot! You can also try out this place called Bonjour which is similar to Sasa.

Super love this stockings!! Bought a few back for some friends (:

Went off to Sushi One for our half price jap food!!! Went there with Daniel on my previous trip and I fell in love with it already. 50% off for sushi, sashimi and a lot of other things after 10pm!

Reached there at 9.30pm and there was already a long queue outside the restaurant! Whatever, long queue also must queue! It's a must eat for me in HK!

You can haz pouty lips and I can haz slim shady cheeks

Tadah!!! Some of our food, still got ice cream, drinks and more sushi I think! Bill came up to only 170HKD which is about SGD27 for two people!

Headed to Temple Street for the night market which was a bore. Don't bother going to temple street if you have been to Ladies market. It's the same thing!! They only sell knock-offs, touristy t-shirts and lame things. I don't get the hype about ladies market AT ALL.

DAY 2!

Checked out in the morning and headed off for breakfast! Wondering why we checked out on the 3rd day when our trip is a 4 days trip? Shall reveal later! (:

3rd day was the coldest so it was damn shiok!! Like 13-15 degrees?


Okay fine, actually I look the same everyday cos it was a super last minute trip so I didn't have time to go buy more winterwear. Just made do with whatever I had in the new TJM collection. I wear different stuff under my coat/jacket everyday though, but not that it can be seen after decking on the layers.

Went for breakfast at Macau Cafe at TST!

My favorite drink to order at cha chan teng is ICED MILK TEA! Not damn damn damn nice luh, but I want to copy those TVB shows yknow hahaha. The actors always like to order iced milk tea when they go cha chan teng so I follow suit haha. 

Mafia Serene!

This beats wanton noodle ok!!

It's a kinda mix and match cold noodles thingum. There will be a wide range of ingredients and sauce you can pick from to mix with your noodles. SGD$0.50 for every ingredient. After you pick whatever you want, they will mix everything in a transparent bag for you and you have to eat it from the bag (in the picture above).

I always pick spinach noodle, crab meat, corn, sausages, chilli and garlic sauce! I love it <3

The list of ingredients!

Continued shopping at Fa Yuen Street and Arqyle Centre then headed back to Isquare to have lunch at.......


Ahhhhh she's so gorgeous!! I swear all her pictures in the cafe makes me feel terribly ugly. 

Ordered a high-tea set which was mediocre, but not too bad since it was only SGD$10!

Interior of the cafe.

They have very futuristic-looking cubicles too.

Ordered truffle ravioli cos the high-tea set wasn't filling enough. This is pretty nice though!

Then we were off to Chrome hearts @ Peninsula hotel!
Such a disappointment cos they ran out of female t-shirts which I wanted to get for myself, and small sizes for men's t-shirt which I wanted to get for Daniel :( so I left empty-handed!!!

Super tired from all the walking :( Eyes were damn red from lack of sleep also!

Hong Kong's skyline from the ferry terminal <3 mad love the view.
Pictures DO NOT do the view justice at all. Please go buy an air ticket and see for yourself!

And we managed to catch the light show at 8pm! It's played everyday at 8pm without fail. Caught it last year when I was on the ferry from TST to Central. It didn't seem so nice this time as compared to last year's :/ but still my favorite skyline!

So as I mentioned earlier on, we checked out in the morning even though our flight was on the next day! 
That's cos I told Serene that I wanted to save money and it's not worth it to pay for another night of hotel since our flight was at 8am the next morning (means we have to leave for the airport at 5ish am)!
So instead of wasting the last night away, we went to drink and KTV!!!!
Fortunately, we chanced upon a stretch of really nice bars at Kimberly Road after my duck rice dinner! Settled for Dada bar!

Beer for the tanker, and pina colada for the lousy drinker.

Spent the night playing 5-10 with each other then decided to hit a random KTV lounge called Club Crawl. At first, we were damn shy to sing and all but the owners were really really good and friendly hosts. Somewhat very glad to have met such nice people in HK who kinda became our friends. They let us have free flow drinks, sang with us, taught me how to play darts, let Serene make her own drinks behind the bar, and even offered to pay for our cab ride to the airport cos we spent ALL our money!!!!
Of course I won't be so bad to take people's money so I gave them 50SGD in exchange for 300HKD for our cab ride to the airport. One of them, who's a policeman even dropped us off at our hostel.

Damn random, but I bought Oreo this Heineken soft toy from Harbor City! The canned ones are for my mum lol.

So, that's about our HK trip! Took our 8am flight back to Singapore the next day and poof, what an awesome trip though it was damn short.
It really is a good way to end off my gap year. I feel like life is now more complete and I'm ready to go back to school in 2 weeks' time!!

I miss HK and I'll be back I promise <3