Yup Christmas lasts for 12 days so I can say it until....6 JAN!!!!

Here's my susulan wishing all of you a joyous season with his pocket balloon that's hanging around on his ceiling. HAHAH SORRY SOFIE I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF BUT TO KOPE IT HOME FROM VELVET!!!

Happy vicks is happy.

My x'mas babies <3 Can't wait for our gift exchange at Sofie's this Sunday!!!!

Hot mama Mich <3 she looks like a milf here heh!

Oh, and of course my handsome boyfriend....mmm.
Donna said he's damn "feeling" lol

Oh why so happy Daniel???

Super gorgeous Mag!!
Damn random but I'm super loving my velvet felt romper from HK! $20 ONLY :D

Hahaha this Karei was like having her own winter season. Crazy girl wear this in Velv!

My Christmas included dinner with my relatives and lunch with Daniel's family but unfortunately I have no pictures cos the food was too tempting for me to even whip out my camera :(
Really hope y'all had an amazing Christmas!
I have yet to buy Daniel's present...and it's like 28th already!!!!

Because it's Christmas, I'd like to do a small giveaway to two girls.
Hint : Maybelline cosmetic set! (I mix 4 things together in a set)

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Tell me why you like reading my blog, your name and include your mailing address!!!
I'll pick the winners by next Monday so comment before that! <3
Looking forward to all your comments!!!