Super Bass FOTD

Hi everyone,

So, I'm a fan of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." It's one heck of a catchy song. I found myself singing "boom baloom boom boom baloom boom bass" a lot during the summer. Just check it out:

On top of that, I like how colorful her makeup is in the music video. Take a look at this:

After some careful studies of the pictures, I came to a conclusion that it's an easy look. I can totally do it. And I did, but it came with a sliiightly small problem: the electricity decided to go kaput when I started doing my makeup.


Therefore, I did this look mostly in the dark and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I ran outside to get some sunlight. It was quick, only took me half an hour from start to finish, and I wore it out today. I got some compliments on it, too.

Super Bass FOTD
Can you hear the boom baloom boom baloom boom bass?
What I used:


Coastal Scents original 88 palette: (top down) second yellow from the second column on the left and (bottom up) 4th pink from the seventh column from the left
Yellow mineral pigment left from my mineral makeup making days
 I really don't know what kind of base and yellow eyeshadow Nicki Minaj's makeup artist used. The pigmentation of her yellow makeup is intense. I layered a white pencil liner as a secondary base before applying the CS matte yellow eyeshadow. No popping. Nothing. It looked dull. So I applied the yellow mineral pigment on top.

Now, this mineral pigment is intense. A little bit goes a long way, you know the drill. But yet, it managed to look like this:

Oh, yellow pigments, where art thou?
Picture taken indoor, hence the green hue that I loath!
 The pink under eye liner was peachy: VS chubby eyeliner in Pink Flash as a base before applying CS pink eyeshadow. At least this one looks decent.

Maybe next time when I do something similar, I'll wet the brush and foil the pigment to have a more intense eye look. Also, I wish I had Pixie Epoxy. It would surely make the yellow pigment pop.

Eyeliner: L'Oreal HiP eyeliner in Black Shock
Mascara: something from Estee Lauder. It's a decent lengthening mascara but the name managed to rub off   :(

I don't have MAC Pink 4 Friday and I'm sure Nicki Minaj used it in this video. So I applied NYC Blue Rose, blotted it away to almost oblivion, and applied Za Pink Pearl. Tada! Pink 4 Friday lookalike:

Can't you guess? It's my favorite combo: Rimmel Autumn Catwalk with ELF Gotta Glow!

And now, ze bloop bloop bloop bloopers :)

Believe it or not, I can rap the first verse of "Super Bass" and I'm not that much of a rapper. You should have listened to me rapping "Gangsta's Paradise." It was hilarious! But with this song, I can actually rap quite properly.
Bang in the wind.
Or is this the sign that my rapping career just failed?
Except for the Pink 4 Friday dupe, the rest of this look is "Super Bass" lite. It's like Miller lite: you get the taste with less calories. Or in this case, you get the look but it's more wearable.

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