The Wet-Dry Technique

Hi ladies,

How are we doing today? It's Monday and we have a day off to celebrate Labor Day and boy do I need an extra day to rest. As we all know, I'm a big fan of mineral makeup, especially mineral foundations. MMU is very gentle to my face and also heals my skin from breakouts. However, the number one concern of MMU is its lasting power. Often times, my friends asked me questions like these, "How do you keep your makeup from sliding, Dao?", or "Dao, why my makeup disappear so fast?" Believe me, people give up on MMU because they think and feel like their makeup just vanish from their skins. The ones who stay usually go with traditional makeup on important occasions like weddings and parties.

Fear no more, my gorgeous ladies! There's a cure for MMU Houdini and it's called "The Wet-Dry Technique". A quick disclaimer, I do not claim that I invent this technique and I'm sure some other people have already done something similar to what I'm about to show you. However, this technique works very well and I did not look it up online or anything before I started it. So it's kind of my own thing in a way.

You will look like this when you're done.

What you need:

A swirl bowl: I use a glass bowl for dipping sauce because it is small and easy to clean. You can use whatever type of bowl available. The reason for a swirl bowl is you are going to wet your mineral foundation. Using the cap of your MMU may contaminate your makeup container, resulted in throwing that precious jar of mineral foundation away;

Your mineral foundation: sprinkle it in the swirl bowl;

A latex sponge: wet it with some water before dipping it to your foundation.

A flat top brush: I use my teddy bear brush that I blogged here. The flat top brush gives a much better coverage than the regular kabuki brush. And if you go to long events, you really need your makeup to stay and your face to look flawless.

Part 1: Wet it out!

After wetting the latex sponge, squeeze out as much water as possible to keep it damp, not wet. Then you dip it to your mineral foundation and blend on your face the way you would do with regular liquid foundation.

Your skin will look like this after step 1
Nice but not totally awesome.

Step 2: Dry it!

If you run out of mineral foundation, add more to the swirl bowl. Then using a flat top brush, buff your mineral foundation on top of the already dried foundation layer you did in part 1.

And there you have it, gorgeous skin that's melt-proof! The best part is your skin feels very fresh and moist, not cakey. Moreover, your complexion actually looks very dewy and natural. I prefer to do it whenever I go to parties and events. It's an extra step to me but it's totally worth it!

I went through all your replies of the reader survey I posted a while back and just want to let you know how much I appreciate your honest feedback and encouragement. They mean a lot to me to improve the quality of this blog. The reason I called it "My Makeup Blog" in the first place is because it's not just mine but it's all yours as well. You can call it "my makeup blog" because you contribute to its livelihood by being a reader and a supporter. So thank you for sticking with me so far. And btw, today marked the beginning of the blog's third month being online. I hope you feel as excited as I am!

That's all for Monday ladies. Let's have a good week ahead, shall we?

Your Makeup Blogger

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