Does Wet n' Wild Mega Glo Look Familiar to You?

On my latest drugstore expedition at Walgreens, Wet n' Wild had a buy one get one sale. I have to admit until that moment, I did not own anything made from this company. All I remember about it was the very bright fuchsia lipsticks my mom used to wear in the 80s from Wet n' Wild. That color was smashing and awesome, plus my mom really rocked the 80s with style. As I saw the sale, my "hunter-gatherer" instinct arose and I immediately plucked two items out of the rack. I have to admit Wet n' Wild is among the cheapest makeup you can find at drugstore and I thought they would disappoint me.

One of the item I bought that day was Wet n' Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder and I could not wrap my mind around which product it looks familiar to.

Wet n' Wild Mega Glo in Peach
It looks familiar to something and I wonder what that is!

I searched high and low to find out what does Mega Glow's cousin is and all of the sudden it hit me hard. What else but this:

Cargo Beach Blush in Coral Beach
Image courtesy of Cargo

Cargo, how can I not figure it out earlier? The only difference is Cargo Beach Blush is in a tin while Mega Glo is in a plastic container. Oh, and the price: Beach Blush is $26 USD/ 32 CDN while Mega Glo is $3.99 USD at Walgreens!

As I mentioned earlier, I thought the drugstore version would not perform well. After all, it's less than 5 dollars and I do not blame it. However, Mega Glo delivers very well as a blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow palette! The powder is very finely milled which is rare for a drugstore product and as smooth as silk. The pigmentation is good and it has 4 colors to be used together as a blush or separately as blushes, highlighter, and contouring color/bronzer. All for less than 5 bucks!

My rating: I'll give it an A!

I was so happy I had to do a FOTD:

What I use:

Eyes: Wet n' Wild Ultimate Expressions eyeshadow palette in Fantasy Island ($4.99 USD)

Color 1 on the lid, 2 to contour, 3 on the outer-v and as a liner, 4 as a highlighter. This palette is good for 5 dollars and I found it performs much better without an eye primer (paint pot). The colors are pigmented and long lasting. However, it's a pain to pack them on your brush as they are not soft eyeshadows at all.

Mascara: Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express mascara. I did not take a close up of my eyes because the mascar clumped my lashes up like crazy.

Liner: Jane Be Pure mineral eyeliner.

Lips: Mary Kay Raisinberry lipstick

I was in the mood of flirting with the camera so here's a bonus picture. See the t-shirt? It said "Pitt' on it. My roommate went to Pittsburg for a wedding and got me that t-shirt. However, I told people that Brad Pitt got it for me. I'm cheeky, I know.

This summer I did not exercise at all. However, I lost some weight (~10 lbs) due to a change of diet. If you want to lose weight the way I did, just substitute meat with vegetable proteins like tofu and beans. I swear I eat like crazy while losing weight. Now all I need to do is to exercise a bit so my body can be toned up.

That's it for today. Ladies, take care and be gorgeous!
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