Got Tea Bags? Use Them on Your Eyes

Hello my lovely readers,

What's up? How's it going? Now, when I look back at the months of November and December, 2009, I still feel cold chill running through my spine. The crazy late hours I spent slaving over that thesis was unbelievable! From the grace of God, I pulled through and was able to defend my thesis.

During that time, the thing that kept me sane was makeup. Stop snickering, I am serious! When I felt stressed out, I went to the bathroom and put some makeup on my face. It took about half an hour but during that time, at least I did not freak out over some statistics I did not finish (as well as the possibility to delay my defense to another semester! It was scary, I can tell you that!)

Then, one day this happened:

Hola, mis bellas!

I can't remember what triggered this moment but the two tea bags over the eyes did help. I guess finally it became too much and I decided to shove everything aside, brew myself a cup of tea (double dose, no less!), and use the tea bags to de-puff my under eye areas.

Did it work? Jump to find out!

It did!

Notice the area under my eyes? It's less puffy.

Also, notice my skin. It was horrible! That's what stress can do for you, kiddos! Yup, that was me under stress and without makeup. Glamorous, NOT!

And now, the science behind fun with tea bags: tea contains caffeine, which constricts the blood vessels quickly and effectively. It helps diminish redness and puffiness on areas around the eyes. You can spend money on eye creams or give it a one-two punch with your tea bags by drinking and applying used tea bags on your eyes.

To me, at least I got a moment of serenity to relax and recharge before heading back to the dreaded "Discussions and Conclusion" section. It may look strange to y'all (and I am not scared to air my dirty laundry) but this is very effective way to de-puff your eyes and get some extra anti-oxidants from the tea as well.

Note: in case I decide to run for political office in the future, please do not use the pictures in this post against me. For the record, I did it to educate the people!


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