Come Exercise with Me: 30 Day Shred

Hi everybody,

How are you doing? "New year, new you", that's what people say when it comes to fitness and exercise. Yet, a lot of people got frustrated and belly up after a month or two after New Year's day. Without any shame, I have to admit I was one of them: every year, I marked the calendar and made resolution to lose x amount of weight. Yet, by March 15th, I found myself being a couch potato again.

While my level of fitness and makeup prowess were the same around the time I started blogging, I have to admit I am getting a lot better at taking care of myself in the skincare and makeup department. The only plausible reason for this is I blog almost every day about beauty and makeup. Hence, I got absorbed to this world and have become better in this part of my life.

I guess I can do the same with exercise, right? Right? Guys, are you still there?

So, this time around I want to make 2010 a beautiful year for all of us by extending an invitation to exercise with me. Of course, the ladies at NB and I already formed our own support group but I would love my readers to join me as well. The exercise DVD I chose is "30 Day Shred" by Jillian Michaels

Wanna join me? Read more after the jump!

I heard a lot of good things about this exercise video and got a chance to loan it for a week at the local library. Jillian Michaels is not joking when she took the title of TV's toughest trainer: this DVD almost made my heart jump out of my body after the first exercise. Then, I felt sore all over for days after that. It is very effective.

Right now, I am at level 1 and I exercise 3 days a week. I figure it is better this way since I am prone to boredom and repetition. Also, I do not want to burn out too early in the game.

So, if you want to join, please comment "I want to get fit" in the comment section, get yourself this DVD (or any exercise DVD), and exercise 3-4 times a week. Let's all get fit, you guys!

A little disclaimer: I am not Jillian Michaels (duh!) and I bought my own copy of "30 Day Shred" from my own pocket. This is not an advertisement, I truly want all of us to get fit.


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