Be Chic with Everyday Minerals Blushes in Snuggle and DVR Saturday

Hi everybody,

The last time I purchased any full size item at Everyday Minerals (EDM) was in 2007. It was before EDM redesigned all their packages and nixed the mini-sized items, which I miss tremendously. Back then, little did I know that one day I would (a) have a makeup blog, and (b) be resourceful enough for EDM to contact me to do reviews.

While I've been trying a lot of makeup products, especially mineral makeup, Everyday Minerals blushes hold a dear place in my heart (click here for my first review of EDM and a chance to see how I looked way back in 2008!) The blushes probably are the best products at EDM since they are very pigmented and pretty. A kind representative sent me two colors to play: Snuggle and DVR Saturday.

The redesigned package
I kind of miss the brown lid with the old bull's eye logo

...but I definitely do not miss the old lid!
You can turn it while saying "Open Sesame!" and...'s opened
See, it's mess free!

Snuggle blush reminds me a lot of the famous NARS Orgasm but with less pink.
I even used it on the day I defended my thesis. I looked like I just blushed, it is so pretty!

DVR Saturday is a cool raspberry blush that has some shimmers
It is probably more suitable for night time makeup because it is very pigmented.

Skin swatch in natural light
You can see flecks of glitters in the swatch

While the redesigned containers with coverable sifter is a convenient, the downside is you get less amount of product. However, after I compared with the old blushes I have, these new ones are definitely more pigmented and feel a lot smoother. Also, the staying power is better to boost. Moreover, some of the blushes are lip-safe and you can use them as lip colors. I did with Snuggle and it is so gorgeous!

Price: $2.50 USD for sample size and $8.00 USD for big size (the size shown in this blog entry.)
Where to get it: at Everyday Minerals website (click here)

And now, a disclaimer: the above products were sent to me from a kind representative of Everyday Minerals for reviewing purposes. For more information, please visit Everyday Minerals website. Click here to read My Makeup Blog disclosure policy.

So, what do you think about EDM blushes? Please let me know in the comment section, ok?


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