Tagged and Untagged

Recently, most blogs I read daily have this tag and at the end, the authors wrote these very dangerous lines: "I would have tagged everyone but seems like all of you have done it. But if you haven't, you'd better do it!" I could imagine these bloggers stare at me while they wrote those sentences. And as I was scared, I decided to comply (j/k! These ladies are so sweet and gorgeous, you know who you are;])

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you: I'm not gonna do that to protect my own behind from being kicked their identity.
2. Post the rules on your blog: done
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself: see below.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs: not gonna do that either, everybody and their pets have done this tag a gazillion year ago!
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website: it's free will, whoever haven't done this feel free to write about yourself. I'll read if you write ;)

6 Non-important things/habits/quirks about myself:

1. I write "y'all" when I'm happy
Seriously, I don't try to sound hip or anything but ever since I moved down South, the "y'all" got into me. I don't say the word but only type it whenever I feel excited. So when you read my entries, especially the reviews, the number of "y'alls" probably is a good indication of how happy and excited I was when writing the post.

2. I'm a tea person
I stopped drinking coffee for about 4 years ago because tea and cold water are as effective to keep me awake. My pantry currently has many boxes of tea and my current favorite is Darjeeling tea.

3. I used to have 6 email addresses at one time
Once upon a time, I got a bit too excited about getting my own emails and signed up for 6 different email addresses. I think 3 of them were from Yahoo!, 1 from Hotmail, 1 from Opera Mail, and 1 from iVillage (pre-blogging time, now I don't know if iVillage offers email accounts anymore!) How I managed them was another story and some of them ended up collecting spams. Now I have much less email accounts to maintain and life is much simpler that way.

4. I love YouTube!
In fact, I learn how to do my makeup and cook food from different cultures by watching YouTube videos. Also, I find hair tutorials are interesting but I don't do hair that well.

5. I learn how to dance by watching Ellen
Before Ellen season 2, I did not know how to dance. This is for real, y'all! You could not crack a move out of me as I was as stiff as a board. Then one day I watched Ellen and saw how she danced. I just copied her moves and found it very fun to dance. I'm not exactly Beyonce when I dance but at least now I can move from left to right without feeling awkward.

6. I actually don't enjoy writing at all...
...but once I started, I found joy in it! So I opened up this blog and in a whim joined NaNo. Right now I'm determined to make daily writing a habit and hopefully it will stick with me. As they said, "The only way to learn how to write is to start writing", I'm learning it the one and only way.

That's it, my six quirky things. If you haven't done this tag, please do so! It's an excuse for you to write hehe.

Happy Hump Day! Two more days to the weekend and I'm actually looking forward to this. How about you?

Ciao bellas and be gorgeous,
Your Makeup Blogger

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