Archetype Cosmetics Pigments: Part 2

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Rise and shine and makeup! How are we doing today? I'm currently adapting my life around this madness that I voluntarily involved called NaNoWriMo. So far so good and I'm doing my very best to update my blog as planned. Today's post is the follow up of last night's post as I reviewed some pigments from Archetype Cosmetics that I purchased a while ago. These pigments are really gorgeous and interesting to use that I have to post about them. Although I do not like this company's turnaround time, the pigments speak for themselves and in the end they win.

The colors posted today are more of purple and dark shades that are very "in" during the fall and winter months. If you look closely, purples are really popular this season and myself being a trend predictor, picked these colors about a month before we see purple all over the place.

1. Light Purple Pigments:

(Top-Bottom): Fuchsia for Simon, Burlesque Revival, Spring Lunacy, St. Elmo's Fire, Madame Teprsichore, Exquisite Corpse, Katerina
  • Fuchsia for Simon is not a bright fuchsia color at all. It is more of a lighter lotus pink color with a lot of frosty pigment. It almost looks like white in the swatch and in fact is a very difficult color to photograph due to its frosty nature.
  • Burlesque Revival is a pinkish gray that reminds me of the colors on some pigeons. This color looks very innocent and makes a good middle color for the smokey eyes look.
  • Spring Lunacy is a light frosty purple shade that is breathtakingly gorgeous.
  • St. Elmo's Fire is another color shifting shade: although it looks like a grayish purple eyeshadow, the green underlying pigments are really strong.
  • Madame Teprsichore and St. Elmo's Fire look similar to each other. However, once applied Madame becomes a darker grayish purple that is very shimmery.
  • Exquisite Corpse is a true mid-purple color with a lot of shimmer. It is a very MAC-like shade in my opinion.
  • Katerina reminds me a lot of the Russian winter. It brings a wave of chill with it and feels very glittery. Also a very MAC-like color (but MAC has nothing like it!)

2. Dark Purples: the winter shades :)

(Top-Bottom): Styx, Unseelie Court, Kitsune Yokai, The Black Dahlia, Erotic Underground, Epiphany
  • Styx is darker than Katerina but has the same glittery texture that I love. This color is so blinging and fabulous that I think I can survive this summer looking pretty.
  • Unseelie Court is a dark reddish purple shade with less shimmer than Styx and Katerina. It is more wearable that way and I've been using it a lot.
  • Kitsune Yokai is a color shifting eyeshadow. I can't find a good way to describe it because this color is very complex. You've gotta check it out for yourself as it's one fantastic eyeshadow.
  • The Black Dahlia is not black but dark purple. It's dark and mysterious like the name implied, a good color to use as a liner.
  • Erotic Underground is another shape shifter. It is dark purple-gray with green and gray frosty pigment. This color is very complex and interesting.
  • Epiphany is a shimmering dark grayish purple color that is good for the outter-v area. I was curious to see how an epiphany looks like as I'm going through one myself. So here's the look at Epiphany:
Not too bad, isn't it?

3. Dark Colors: these colors are best as eyeliners, just wet your liner brush and apply the pigments for a crisp and unique liner.

(Top-Bottom): Mouse, Burning Water, Ornaments of Gold, Red Death, Deep Sunless Sea
  • Mouse looks like a non-frosty boring mousy brown color. However, I noticed the color shifted to frosty purple when I took the swatch picture. That was something very unexpected to me.
  • Burning Water: I must confess I was curious to see how Burning Water look like (Is there anything called "burning water" btw?) This color looks like a regular "dark grey with shimmer" eyeshadow but once swatched, it changed to a frosty grey. I didn't see that coming either!
  • Ornaments of Gold is awfully familiar! The moment I saw it, I jumped with joy: it's a twin of MAC Solar Bits in Black Ore! The black and gold are the same, except Ornaments of Gold is finer in texture and much more affordable. This obviously my most favorite color of the bunch.
  • Red Death is a mixture of black and red micas that almost look like deep maroon to me. This color is also an interesting liner color.
  • Deep Sunless Sea has a bit of dark blue, white, and gold micas in black pigments. It is gorgeous without being over the top.
The Art of Contrast

Since I got all these very shimmery colors from Archetype Cosmetics, I found makeup to be more interesting than ever. While Archetype pigments are flashy, Adorned with Grace ones are more matte or velvet in texture. By pairing matte with shimmers/frosts, I contrasted their nature and in return, my eyes have more depth. I highly recommend y'all trying this trick and I'll probably end up doing a FOTD just to prove the point :)

*Stuff in my agenda so far: 1. Contouring tutorial, 2. Foiling tutorial, and 3. Eyeshadow contrast tutorial. Once I get into the motion of November, I promise to post each of them per week. That way everybody's happy and I don't have to carry a lot of load on myself ;)

Ciao for now ladies! Hope you all have a lovely day!

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