How to Get Hair Like LC: Fun with a Flat Iron

Good Morning everyone!

How are we doing today? Trick question to ya: what hairstyle does a straight hair girl crave for the most? Gimme an answer in 5 seconds, will ya? 5...4...3...2...1...done!

The answer is wavy, curly hair! Although I can't speak for all the stick straight hair sistas out there, I myself is the textbook example for wanting what you don't have. My hair, as we all know, is really really straight. When I got a bit evil, I would go to the hair salon and asked for a shampoo and blow dry, emphasizing on "lots of volume". Then I would sit in the chair and see how the hair stylist suffer to create those volume that I want without using lots of products. Really, I can get evil sometimes.

If you've heard or saw an MTV show called "The Hills", you know who Lauren Conrad or LC is. I don't watch her show but her hair is banging! She has curls that just flow effortlessly down her back. I sometimes ask myself how she got the look and the answer is "teamwork". LC obviously has people to take care of her and when somebody else do your hair, it looks better than when you do it by yourself.

The gorgeous Lauren Conrad and her marvelous hair
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For some times I tried to create that look using my trusted curling iron. However, the curls are really round and very voluminous. It screams "beauty queen hair in the 80s" rather than "effortlessly chic"... this, but with more frizz!
Unless you're a cheerleader or it's Halloween, I don't recommend walking 'round with that hair.
Seriously, just don't! You'll end up scaring the children.

Then one day it dawned on me: why don't I try to get curls using a flat iron! I know, the greatest revelation to me, right? And an oxymoron as well: creating curls from a device that's used to straighten hair! I got a lucky break when I visited the House of Target and got an already cheap curling iron on sale. I shall name it "the starter iron" from now on.

ConAir ceramic straightener, less than $15 USD

Lightweight, small, and cheap: the perfect first flat iron for me

To be honest, this flat iron does a shoddy job as a hair straightener (I find most ConAir products are like that as well!) However, the curved plates and lightness of this product is very suitable to be used to curl hair. When you curl hair with a flat iron, the curls come out a bit longer and flatter which is the way I want it. Then one night I browsed YouTube and found this amazing video featuring this adorable Brit hairstylist:

The direction is really simple: you just curl it the same way as you use a curling iron. The flat iron, however, is not as big and heavy, which makes the styling process much easier. Although not stated in the video, I think a heat protecting spray should be applied before using any heating tool. Also, using curling or flat iron often will damage your hair so I only do it once in a while. Now let me show you the result:

First time I tried the method and I'm quite happy with the result. Now I have another reason to grow my hair out :)

Tip of the day:

I found out that you can download YouTube videos to view later at your own leisure. Just type "kiss" before the word "youtube" in the link and it will lead you to a page that allows you to download the video you want. The downloaded video is in .flv format and there are some softwares to convert it into different formats.

That's all for today folks! I hope you are having a good (hair) day!

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