Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Perfume: Forever Summer

Although fall is here, I feel like summer is still around. Living in the Gulf Coast area of the Sunshine State, you can't help but feeling sunny year round. Recently, I find my nose yearning for some woody-floral perfumes more than ever. This is a new development for me as I used to be a hardcore floral perfume wearer. Last year I bought Elizabeth Arden for my birthday but did not use it that much because I was still enchanted by the floral juices. If you ask me to describe "Mediterranean" in one word, I would say "summer" within a heartbeat. Yes, Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean perfume is the essence of summer. And yes, you can use it year round.

A bottle of EA Mediterranean perfume
I tried to be artful!

Usually, Elizabeth Arden perfumes do not float my boat. Just a sheer thought of using them sends shivers through my spine after a frightening experience with EA Red Door. Most of their perfumes are extensions of Red Door: strong, obnoxious, and kind of old-fashioned. Even Provocative (the one in a purple bottle) smells kind of awful on me! However, Mediterranean is none of the above. This perfume is very artfully done, from the packaging to the juice itself. To me, the blue bottle resembles a pebble that has been placed in a stream for a long time: it's been flattened by the water but reflected lights to the water. The design is very simple but beautiful. In a crowd of perfume bottles, Mediterranean would probably does not stand out. It lacks the interesting packaging of Marc Jacobs Daisy which grabs your attention at the first glance. I find it a shame because this perfume is unique!

According to Now Smell This, perfumer Claude Dir, the creator of Mediterranean, described the perfume as "a combination of sensual florals and creamy woods. The scent opens on notes of peach nectar sorbet, Sicilian mandarin and damask plum, leading to a heart of wisteria, star magnolia and Madagascar Orchid. The base combines sandalwood, musk and amber." On me, it smells very sweet and musky although in others it may smell more citrusy.

The perfume is the essence of a summer by the sea where you can smell the saltiness in the air while eating fresh fruits. It is definitely a romantic perfume that is very interesting to wear. For a while I did not want to review it because this perfume came out more than 1 year ago already. However, it is such a wonderful perfume that I need to let everybody know about it: it's romantic, carefree, and summery. What else do you need in a perfume, right?

Wal-mart has a 30 ml version of this perfume that's on sale for about $25 USD! I actually like the little 30 ml bottle more as it is much much cuter and resembles a blue glass pebble. Also, 30 ml version is very budget-friendly towards perfume collectors. If you haven't tried it, please go ahead and get yourself one bottle of Mediterranean. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Also, when the snow falls, you can sprit a bit of this perfume and dream of a warm and sunny place.

That's all for today. One more day until Friday! Stay strong everyone and let's remember those who lost their lives on this day 7 years ago. Also, my heart goes to the people in Texas who are facing hurricane Ike. A couple of weeks ago we were dealing with Fay so I know how it feels to be stuck in an hurricane. I pray that no damage will be done and everybody will be safe. If you're living in the hurricane area, you know I'm praying for you.

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