Hair Setting Tutorial

I have to admit I'm the poster child of "the grass is greener on the other side", aka wanting what you don't have. I'm praying for the day that I finally accept myself and enjoy what I have but until that day, the grass is greener. Also, there's a reason we only have one hair entry so far: I'm a klutz when it comes to hair!

Let's see: I have stick straight hair and did not know how to blow dry my hair until last year. Moreover, my skin breaks out when I use most styling products. So most of the time I just leave my hair hanging straight. Also, the hair is more healthy when I do not use heat styling tools. I do have a very good hair dryer and curling iron but barely use them due to my laziness my wanting to keep the hair healthy.

So why on earth I'm writing a hair setting tutorial today? Because (a) it does not use any heat, (b) it's a bit retro, and (c) I feel generous towards my reader (j/k about the last part, you know I <3 y'all!).

So are you ready to find out how I set my hair? Let's jump!

Ok ok, before you go ahead and click that button, I need to warn you: the content is a bit graphic so kids under 18 and people who are easily scared just click on the x at your top right corner and call it a day. Others, please feel free to click "Read More" :D

And don't blame me for not warning you, I did my best!

First of all, this is how I look everyday without makeup (I warned you it's graphic!)

That's how I look y'all, zits and all!

What you need:
Hair rollers in various sizes, hair clips, (not pictured) hairspray

The hair rollers are velcro type that you can easily get at drugstores and Target/Walmart et al. I use the big yellow ones for the hair on top of my head where I need more volume and the medium-size ones everywhere else for curls. The hair clips can be found at Target/Walmart or Sally's beauty supply. Those who have long hair definitely need the clips so the rollers do not unroll.

The hairspray is optional but I find the curls are held better with a bit of hairspray.

Image from Fifties Web
(I told you this technique is retro!)

Set your hair like from the above picture: each layer should not be bigger than the width of the roller and should be thick enough for the velcro to grab. Notes:
  • the hair on top of your head is rolled away from your face,
  • use hair clips to keep your hair from being unrolled from the velcro rollers,
  • mist a bit of hairspray or hair setting spray if neccessary, hair does not need to be totally dry. If you set wet or damp hair, you can sit under the hood for your hair to dry. In that case, no hairspray is neccesary (because you don't want to fry your hair, do you?)
  • waiting time is around 30 minutes, in which you can do other things. The lady above just put a face mask.
My hair in velcro rolls, a good opportunity to...

...flirt with the camera!
That was how the Asian Chic look came alive!

After having fun with makeup and camera for 1/2 hour, I took the velcro rolls out and this is how I looked:

Hair looked nice and neat in sephia...

...and in black and white

As my hair is layered, putting it in rollers enhance the layers while keeping it neat and nice. This is more of a corporate working look to me. I sprit a bit of hairspray to keep the curls and it lasts for a day. The volume, however, maintains until I wash my hair the next time. I find my hair having more volume when I applied Phomollient before rolling it. My roommate who has very curly hair also uses this method to set her hair. The difference is she sleeps on it while I take my rollers out after 1/2 hour. I highly recommend this method for those who do not like to use heat styling tools. My hair is healthier when I do not use a lot of heat and I guess yours is the same too.

TGI Friday! If you want a date night look for your hair, just spray a bit of hairspray at the roots and apply some cute hair accessories and you're done!

Have a good weekend y'all!
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