Cherry Culture Deals

Look ma! Cherry Culture adjusted the prices of some items! It's time to stock your stash up with more makeup! (Man, that line rhymes. My career as a rapper shall begin soon!)

Cherry Culture sent me an email yesterday and girls, these are some good deals. As I mentioned earlier, CC jacked up increased the price of some makeup brands such as NYX and Amuse. For the NYX part, it wasn't totally their fault as NYX increased their prices as well. You can click on the picture to see more details of the good deals. And they give you free shipping if your purchase $40USD or more of makeup. CC does ship internationally so my overseas readers can get to try NYX from them as well.

Click here to go to Cherry Culture and shop 'til you drop (or 'til you get free shipping!) You can click one of the below links to read all about my NYX reviews. To see how a NYX lipstick look, see my Monday post :)

There's another post later on today so please come back!

Have a nice morning,
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