Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Blusher Brush: My All-Star Favorite!

For a brush hoarder like myself, it is very difficult to pick one brush to be the prima donna over the others. Believe me, it is an almost impossible task until God stepped in and introduced me to the Sonia Kashuk synthetic blusher brush. Since then, my life has changed, I've been losing weight, and become much happier! (I sound like Oprah, don't I?)

The prima donna brush itself!

Ok, the losing weight part is true but it was not because of the brush. However, the happier part is relatively true if we just talk strictly about makeup here. This brush, first of all, is as soft as a teddy bear! I'm not kidding, it is very very soft and when I first bought it, I could not stop brushing it on my skin.

Introducing Nini Bear, the brush keeper
"Kiss me and I'll release the brush!", he said.

Secondly, Sonia Kashuk's team did a good job in designing this brush: the handle is egornomically designed to give you more grip and support to your wrisk. At first it felt kind of strange holding the lacquered handle with this design but after a while, my finger likes it very much. To be honest with you, this brush looks like a piece of art that can be proudly displayed on your vanity.

However, the main selling point of this brush is not the softness or the design. It's something much better: the versatility of usage! Don't let the name "blusher brush" fool you, this brush is anything but your regular blush brush (say "blush brush" really fast for 10 times!) The hair on the brush is synthetic and packed very densly and it's also a flat top brush. Therefore, this brush has a capacity to pack on color extremely well. I have this one mineral blush color that does not seem to show up on my skin when I use a regular blush brush. Just when I was about to throw it away, I decided to use this brush on it and bam! The most gorgeous blush color I've ever seen appeared on my cheeks!

The head shot, the brush head is not bigger than a quarter

So with this brush, less is more. You can save a lot of money on your blushes as well as foundation. Wait, did I just say foundation? Yes, m'am, I just did! I've been using this brush as my mineral foundation brush as well and like a good flat top brush, it gives me the best coverage I've wanted. You can use it with your liquid foundation as well, just make sure you sprit a bit of Fix+ on your brush first before dipping it to the liquid foundation. And by the way, if you want that flawless airbrush look, this brush is for you, baby!

To summarize, here are the pros and cons:

  • Soft, egornomically designed, and versatile: can be used as a blush, and powder brush for liquid, powder, and mineral makeup. I also use it as a concealer brush for my mineral concealer.
  • Affordable: you get this brush with the awesome design and softness of a teddy bear for $14.99 USD at Target! Think about it, guys, it's 49 cents more expensive than a MAC eyeshadow.
  • Available at your local Target and exclusively for Target.
  • Designed and used by Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist to stars and supermodels. One of her clients is Cindy Crawford, y'all! If she used it on Cindy, I don't think it's not good enough to use on us, right?
  • The head of the brush is kind of small if you intend to use it as a foundation brush. However, it is the perfect size for a blush brush. It fits right to the apple of my cheeks.
  • Takes a longer amount of time to dry since the brush is very dense.
In conclusion, I love this brush. If I need to save spaces on my luggage by not bringing a lot of brushes, I will definitely bring this one. It's a foundation, blush, and concealer brush in one, holla!

So ladies, don't walk, run to your Target store and grab this brush. I guarantee you makeup happiness for a long time!

That's it for Tuesday, y'all! Have you guys watched the Olympic Games yet? Michael Phelps is muy caliente! Go Michael!

Take care,
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: the book on the background is Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's "The Book of the Dead". It's a very interesting book with New York Museum of Natural Science as a setting. Also has a bit about mummies, Egypt, and Egyptology. I really enjoy reading it and also suggest it to you.

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