MAC News: MAC Limited Collections of August-September

Attention all MAC addicts! Please save your money accordingly because in the next couple of weeks, things are going to be hot! Here are the preliminary information plucked straight from Specktra blog regarding the upcoming 5 LE collections.

Collection #1: Cult of Cherry, August 21st, 2008

This collection sends me straight to Temptation Island as the three quads are equally drool-worthy! On top of that MAC will also release 5 lipsticks and 5 lip glasses that look so awesome! Brokesville, here I come!

Read more about it here at Specktra!

Collection #2: Overrich, also on August 21st, 2008!

For those who collect pigments, this collection is for you. MAC will release 8 pigments in this collection and from the way it sounds, these guys are interesting: gold, green, bronzed, burnt orange, brown, deep burgundy, and me saying "oh my god"!

Read more here.

Collection #3: Suite Array, September 25th, 2008

MAC introduces 2 novel products: eyeshadow suite and pearlglide liners. According to the good people from Specktra, the eyeshadow suite is a duo of a lighter and darker eyeshadow while the pearlglide liners are soft and safe for contact lense wearer. Read more here.

Collection #4: Gold Fever, also on 9/25/08

This collection is going to be sold at Nordstrom and it has a little bit of everything: slimshine, shadesticks, glitters, pigments, liners, fluidlines, brushes and lashes. Not much information available at this point but you can read about it here at Specktra.

Collection #5: Ungaro for MAC, also on 9/25/08

When I heard about this collection about um, 4 months ago, I decided to aggressively save up some good amount of money for it. After all, Ungaro is one of the famous fashion houses in Europe and i remember growing up glueing to the French fashion magazines like a magnet. So yeah, I'm definitely going to get myself some Ungaro!

However, the catch is this collection is only available at selected locations such as Bendels, Bloomingdales, Gibbons, MAC Stores, Nordstrom, Saks, in the U.S. It's also not available in China, Indonesia and the Philippines. So you bet I'm going to head to... online to order myself some of those. Btw, it has at least a paint pot! Yay!

Read more about Ungaro for MAC here.

Disclaimer: all the information and photo credit go to Specktra. I just arrange them in a condensed manner.

I'm really looking forward to these collections. I've been ignoring a lot of LEs for the past few months and it's been good for the soul and the pocket. I hope that I'm not going crazy during these two months because winter collections are right ahead!

That's it for hump day, y'all! Take care and save up for MAC!
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