New Products Alert: EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone

Hi everyone,

So far, the best returns I have in term of product satisfaction when it comes to brushes is my EcoTools brush set I bought earlier this year. The brushes are very sturdy and amazingly soft. I feel gratuitous every time I use my EcoTools brushes (don't you?)

This season, EcoTools and Alicia Silverstone teamed up to create a line of limited edition brushes and bags. Like other EcoTools brushes, the ones in the LE sets are made of synthetic fibers, recycled aluminum, and bamboo. Also, the prices are really affordable.

5 piece brush set ($14.99)
Contains a blush brush, finishing brush, angled eye brush, brow and lash groomer, and an LE bag

Cosmetic brush bag with a blush brush

Makeup bag

Train case ($14.99)

Overnight bag

Currently, Target website has the brush set and train case priced at $14.99. The brush set has a dupe of MAC 187 but this brush is made out of 100% synthetic fiber. The bags are made of hemp and lined with recycled PET, which is a non-toxic plastic. The flowers and prints on the bags are made with non-toxic ink while paper tags are made of tree-free stone papers. This is so wonderful of Alicia Silverstone to promote healthy living and beauty. My prediction is this LE is going to sell like hot cakes once it hits the store. And yours truly is going to stalk Target until she gets her brush set. Once I do, you bet I am going to do a review.

For more information about this limited edition, click here.

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