Avon Eight in One Eye Palette: Nice and Nifty

I remember when I reviewed Sephora Beauty Fever palette, a reader said she loves the eye shadows-only palette. I had to search high and low (in my stash) to find one that I consider a good eye color palette that does not break the bank (Hello, Lancome!). And lucky me, I found one: Avon eight in one eye palette in Water colors. Since when Avon became hip I do not know, all I know is this brand is associate with grandmas et al. However, recently Avon executives decided to take a lot of pages from MAC and improved the quality of their products without increasing the price. I think MAC should learn from Avon the later part.

This palette is housed in a sleek and shiny black case so it looks very chic and professional, which is miles away from the Avon that I remember. It has eight eyeshadow colors and Avon has three different palettes: Neutral tones (for neural lovers), Paradise greens (for green lovers), and Water colors (for the rest of us!) I picked Water colors because it has a little bit of everything: a highlighting color, two browns, a purple, two blues, and two dark colors. At $12 USD a pop, this stuff is a steal. However, when Avon has a sale, an eight in one palette can go down to 6-7 dollars!

Avon eight in one palettes
(clockwise, L-R): Water colors, Paradise greens, Neutral tones
Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Water colors palette: it's a bit smaller than your checkbook
The case is so shiny you can see the reflection of my fingers and camera!

Open up to reveal the colors, 2 double-ended sponge applicators (aka your enemies!)
and a mirror

The swatch on my skin with the corresponded colors in the palette

So how does this palette perform compared to others? First of all, please do not compare Avon with MAC, regardless how well Avon is doing. You can't expect the same quality you get from a $12 USD palette of eight colors with a $14.50 USD eyeshadow color, can you? However, the eyeshadows are well-pigmented and I swiped 2, 3 times per swatch to get the intensity shown in the last picture. Not shabby at all. The other thing is Avon eyeshadows are more powdery so they are easier to blend. I think the texture and pigmentation is quite similar to Clinique eyeshadows back in the day.Also, these colors are not really shimmering but not really matte either, they're somewhere in between. Hence, they're quite appropriate for the work place.

I enjoy the eight in one palette very much and highly suggest it to anyone who wants to master the art of blending. You can get it at Avon website, through a representative, or at Amazon.com. I think Amazon has everything on their website, however, the sales are more abundant at Avon.com

My rating: A-. What? You still think it's MAC quality, don't you?

That's it for today ladies! Take care and be gorgeous, ok?
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