Waiting for Cult of Cherry to Come!

I'm anxious, y'all! For MAC's Cult of Cherry to come in store. On one side, this collection is oozing with awesomeness. However, on the other side, I have a lot of neutral eye shadows already! I don't know ladies, when excitement is mixed with confusion, I feel kind of strange.

So what a girl gotta do to get over it? Have a FOTD, of course! See, the way I deal with things is different than others. While other people can run around in circle, stalk the MAC counter, or whip out their cards to make an order at MAC.com, I just simply decided to play with my makeup. Save me some time (to run around in circle), money (to buy the collection online), and gas (to drive to the mall to pester the poor SA's). This time 'round, the weapon of choice makeup of choice is Silk Naturals, 100% straight SN, from concentrated!

My "I'm an author" pose
I swear when this picture came out, my first thought was "It's gonna be in the back jacket of my book one day", if I ever wrote a book, of course!

What I did:


A quick schematic of the look, and I think I like Bargain Pink and Boom
  • Dolce (a doppelganger of MAC Sweet Sienna pigment) on the eyelid, applied wet with a MAC 239 brush
  • Wait for Dolce to dry, then apply Bargain Pink (dupe of MAC Expensive Pink, clever!) to the crease, using a contour brush such as MAC 217
  • Apply Boom (dupe of MAC Shroom e/s) to underneath the eyebrow using the same blending brush.

  • Apply Climax sheer blush to the apple of the cheeks
  • Apply Cupid mineral glow over Climax for an extra zing
Lips: apply Birthday Suit to lips and voila, done!

Note: except for Birthday Suit, all the other colors are clones from MAC (except Climax is a clone of NARS Orgasm). I did not intent to buy clone colors or anything, it's just that these colors are really gorgeous. If you really want to try mineral eye shadows, give SN a try. I've never been disappointed in any of their products at all.

My "You need to eat more food!" Facial Expression

One of my friends said that's how I look when I force people to eat more. Only if I could scare the kids with that expression, ha!

On a related note, I finally master the art of foiling eye shadows. If you want to know, give me a hola at the comment box and I'll try to make one for you.

Take care ladies and have fun!
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: The look is very soft and light, hence work appropriate. Although I do not know how close SN eyeshadow clones are to the real deal, you can use MAC products to re-create this look as well.