Velvet Anniversary : AYE AYE CAPTAIN!

Birthday boy!

#thepartyinvaders <3

My two 大哥s!!

Haven't partied for almost a month cos I had been really busy with school+TJM+Daniel, and I also had no mood to but last night was so nice seeing all of them. Not all of #thepartyinvaders were out though! Stamina was still quite weak cos I got hungry and tired and left at 2am hehe. Whenever I party, the thing I look forward to most is...SUPPER!!! Hahaha like everyone is drinking and dancing, my mind is just like "MMM should I have bkt or curry peng later?? Omg I want to have 4 bowls of soup. Shit I wanna eat the fried pork skin drizzled with curry too." 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VELVET ANYWAYS <3 Always a "home" and so much memories, ever since the old velvet! *Sprinkle lots of love*