Filmed this last Saturday so I'm leaving this week instead of "next week". In fact, I'm leaving TOMORROW MORNING WEEEEE~~~ 
C A N ' T W A I T!!!
Also, I mentioned to ask me on formspring but ask me on my instead cos I've already closed down my fs. 

Sunday service outfit!
Thank you Hosan and Tammy for accompanying me. Can't wait to attend again when I'm back from my trip. 

Court slit top from TJM

A lot of people think that I'm going to Maldives for my vacation but I'm NOT! I'm still going somewhere extremely beautiful though and I can't wait to share it with yall. Follow my ig updates ok, I will definitely ig LOTS of pictures when I'm there. So excuse my 5 days hiatus from this space and from TJM ok and wish me lots of fun <3