Short update about my hair!

Yezzzz in case you haven't noticed, I've dyed my hair back to super dark brown. It's been about 2 weeks and no regrets for sure!

Bye bye light brown!!!

Trimmed my hair and did the amazing Arimino Privy treatment as well. My hair is still very manageable even after two weeks. Gonna go back this week for some more treatment cos I really want to have smooth long tress so I can....PERM IT SOON! Hopefully by September my hair condition and length would be good for perming.

Tq Daniel for accompanying me that day! (:

Don't you think bright lipsticks look so much better with dark brown hair??
Besides eyes being the window to your soul, I feel hair is too! Having dull and dead hair make you look listless whereas bouncy and healthy looking hair make you look youthful so make sure you girls do your monthly hair treatment/ touch ups/ hair cuts!

Do y'all think I should perm my hair actually? Or should I just stick to my straight-ish wavy hair? HELP!!! 

Decided to do a more feminine look that day with TJM's island paper bag skirt!

Thank you Salon Vim for giving me these products from Keratase to maintain my hair well at home. I especially like the shampoo cos it doesn't have too much foam and is very mild on the scalp! 

Remember to quote my name when heading down to Salon Vim to get 10% off!
Strongly urge y'all to try out their Arimino Privy treatment!

Call them at 68847757 to make appointment (:

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