Wahaha can I exclaim again, EXAMS ARE REALLY OVER??!!!!!
Bye macs, HI NICE FOOD!! ^_^

Was craving for Jap food on Saturday so I cabbed down to Thomson to meet someone. Guess who!!!

Tadahhhh, yup Daniel! Hahah my willpower sucks big time uh. So is his! Don't ask me if we're back together or not k, I also don't know how to answer that!!! But we're not back together. 

So we ate at Tomoe Japanese Cuisine!
His katsudon was decent, my udon was just bland.

Probably not going back there again :(

Hahah I realize he's always appearing without his top on my blog so I decided to give him a Givenchy t-shirt. 

We were still craving for Jap food the next day so we went to Itacho for dinner!
Itacho is my favorite casual Japanese restaurant. 
I love the mango lobster maki, avocado soft crab crab pawn maki, crab chawanmushi and their curry powder gyoza is quite good.

Itacho is located at Ion, Jcube, and Star Vista!

I swear I can't live a day without cakes, gummies and coffee. I need them everyday. Just now at Holland Village I was telling Daniel this : 

Me : Can we go get cakes from Da Paolo? I feel very cranky and fidgety, like it's an addiction and if I don't satisfy it I will feel like I'm dying. It's like how smokers feel when they don't get to smoke.

Daniel : *broke out into laughter. What is wrong with you????? You don't even smoke how would you know it's the same? And I'm sure there's no such thing as legit cake addiction.

Me : Aiya, I really cannot take it la. Please please please let's cross over and buy some cakes. It's more important than anything now I swear.

So yeah, we got super yummy blueberry crumble to feed my addiction hahaha.

Heheh my bff!

Hahah broke out into a camwhoring streak when I got home. Can y'all tell that I put on weight??? :"( Especially my face!! I don't know how to use photoshop so I can't make my face look slimmer. #lousyblogger #noperfectjawline #nosharpnose #noheartshapelips

Aww xiaoreoreo I love you so much :*

And for those who still don't know, I launched a new collection awhile back(: And if you haven't noticed, TJM website's revamped! So much prettier now! Got new logo also, and it's gonna be up on all the clothes sold on TJM soon! Go check it out!

Mad love this furry sapphire blue t-shirt! I wore it in BKK and I got so many compliments for it! It's really damn nice and the quality is v good!


Have a great week ahead babus <3