This post has tons of pictures of myself, in fact it's ONLY myself. Hahahah enjoy~~~

It's been nothing much but running errands ever since exam ended. Yesterday I couldn't stand my unkempt hair anymore so I headed down to Salon Vim for Arimino Privy treatment. 
Mention my name for 30% off hair treatment for this month only!
Will blog about that soon (:

In TJM upcoming overall and lace top! Super love both items! Will be up next Wed (:

After treatment! 
I haven't had time to go for facial so I went to Fancl for facial after that. My face was DAMN clogged so the extraction was damn painful I wanted to cry hahah. Can't wait for the swelling to subside so I can have smoother complexion again!

Went to shop shop a bit before heading home and here's what I got.

Redken products are from Salon Vim. Only bought the hada labo refill pack and a Charles & Keith sling bag!

I've caught the yellow fever. I want everything in YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW!

I love Hada Labo whitening lotion (acts as toner)

For those of you using Hada Labo whitening lotion,
do you know they sell refill packs and it's cheaper than buying the whole bottle itself? It's $3 cheaper! So buy the refill pack to save some money (:

Went back home to launch a sale on TJM!
Changed out of the overall and matched the lace top with my favorite shorts and new bag for dinner with kirk!

Can be carried two ways! I prefer the left one!

Few days back before going to GC office!

Studs, glitter, polka dot!

Sigh dropped my phone :( anyone know where i can repair it cheap cheap? FORMSPRING ME PLEASE MUCH LOVE <3

 And this was two days ago before meeting my manufacturer to confirm....JUICESEA 5 design!!! 
WOOOHOO YESSS FINALLY! I love the new design and the sample is in the making now. Hopefully it can be up by June? Summmmmer with JUICESEA~~~ How exciting!!!

May is gonna be such a good month, I'm totally looking forward :D

Maybe I'll do a vlog next if I got time!