Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis' the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Yesssss, I'm totally feeling the christmas mood already so I got inspired to pimp my room up for Christmas.
It was a super sudden decision so headed down to Ikea last week to buy some new things ^_^


Tore off my red rose decals cos it keeps peeling but at least my white headboard looks good on a plain black wall (:

My bed buddies!!! <3
From L-R : Cheryvell, Cookies, Polarwoods, Hippowoods, Siam

21 years old but still like soft toys, hahah. I had Cheryvell for 10 years already and she's my confidant. 
When I was young, I used to "talk" to her every night before I sleep. Now I still hug her if I'm feeling sad. All my friends think she looks freaky but mmm... I think she looks SUPER cute?

My bedside table, which used to be my makeup/accessories table. 
Decided that I want some therapeutic things next to me when I sleep instead of all my head out gears.

The "dream" word and bowl like thing are from Bali. Bought some fake flowers in Ikea and decided abort the usual flower vase and replace it with a water can instead! Behind the flowers lie a few cards from Daniel (:

Gorgeous colors!

So, moving on to my daily morning view when I wake up.

My shoe rack, dressing table, and a star standing lamp! (Everything from Ikea)
The table used to be my study table but I hardly use it to study so I moved my dressing area there! Got the lamp from ikea and it's love at first sight! There's star cut out on the lamp that's why you can see star shaped lights forming on my wall also (:


Most of my accessories except for necklace and headgear are all here, and my make up also!

My hair and make up stash!
I use make up by all sorts of brands, I don't stick to one.
So I have Urban Decay, YSL, Maybelline, Nars, Mac, Sephora, E.l.f, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Too-faced, Majolica Majorca, Silky Girl, Revlon, NYX and H&M. Hope I didn't miss any brand out.  

Brilliant necklace/shades holder made by mummy! Have a lot more shades in a cardboard drawer but those are the ones I rarely wear.
As you can tell, I'm a fan of gold color!

And this is my hell of a messy "chapalang" area where I dump all the random things. 
My skincare products, perfume, body mist, falsies, clay mask, watch, first aid stuff, hairspray etc.

The star lamp that makes me happy just by staring at it <3 Added a christmas prop on top to make it more christmassy.

And my new red velvet curtains!!! Super love it cos it looks royal and grand. From Ikea too!!
It's thick enough to block out the morning sun so I've been waking up at like...2pm?!! Hhahah

Many of y'all have been asking for a vlog on my shoes so I decided to show y'all here instead.
My rack is actually tall(as you can tell from the pictures above) but I decided to photograph half-half and combine it side by side.

The ones on the left are mostly chunky platform/boots/wedges and the ones are the right is less chunky!
I have some more shoes in my store room but I hardly wear those. Actually, I wanna do a shoe clearance soon so I can make space for new ones (:
Anyone interested?

And this is an overview of my room. Looks a bit messy :/

Another side of my room!
I want to get a huge ass standing mirror to fit the wall (the wall with two portraits) but I'm still looking around for a suitable one. Want a carpet too!

Final verdict of the changes made to my room : LOVE IT!!!
It's much cosier and christmassy!

My room should totally be a showroom in Ikea cos most of my items are from there.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post (:

21 more days to Christmas!