I'm back with #weekendwithDanielDaAnimal :D

My king prawn linguine look like hokkien mee right?!! And it tastes a bit like it also, and it's $20 :'(
Dinner at Kith Cafe hoping that the pasta would be Da Paolo standard but it was pretty disappointing!

He stayed over at my place after that and I made him close his eyes when he stepped into my room. He hadn't seen the revamped room so I wanted to surprise him, and tadah.... HE LOVES IT TOO!! 

And, speaking of Da Paolo,
I bought Nutella cake, Berry crumble and Black forest cake for Daniel's family. I had the berry crumble and I super love it. I really LOVE Da Paolo's cakes to death. Nutella cake was soso though. MUST TRY the tiramisu if y'all ever go there. And the crumble cakes too!


This picture is not to show y'all my ootd (cos there's a lot below lol) but to let y'all see what Daniel usually wear to town.

I call it the Daniel style cos he's damn boring one, forever want the American man smart casual style. It's nice, but hello change a bit prease!!!

His outfit
Mandarin collar shirt - Zara
Chino pants - Zara
Watch - Fossil (FROM ME!!! :D)
Shoes -  I think BKK 

My hump my hump my hump my hump~~~
Hahah, I was sitting on the hump at the road right outside his house. Scrambled when there was a lorry coming hahaha

The photographer got forced to join me to camwhore hahah

The studded cross shirt is efinitely one of my favorite buy last month. Like it so much I bought it in white too (: And the pants <3 was up on TJM but it's sold out now.

AC pride. All ac boys have this undying love for their school hahah. 

Then we continued fooling around in his garden...

Can't wait for Daniel to book out on Friday! And also going to Zoukout at night, who's going? (: 
Hoping to see some JUICESEA there!!

Anyways I went for my FIRST EVER gelish nails with Nat 2 days ago.
Yeah I've never done it before (blame it on my "IDGAF about my nails" attitude). Not to mention, I've never done even more fanciful nail stuff like extension or whatever it's called.
Spent $40 on gelish mani and express pedi. Also the most I've ever spent on nails.
Yup that's all I wanted to say haha, bye.

Anything, formspring me here!