Too faced X TGIW!

It's been awhile since Daniel spent a proper day with me without fitting other plans in cos we both have such busy and conflicting schedules :( We don't get to meet on weekdays cos he has to stay in camp, whereas the only time we get to meet which is the weekend is TJM's busiest period of the week cos of previews/launches/preparations! 

So he got to book out on Deepavali on Monday night so he came to stay over and spent the entire Tuesday with me. He called it my day :')

So we had lunch at Kiseki which is a Japanese buffet restaurant!
This is the only photo I took cos we were both famished.

My mum recommended this place so we decided to give it a try since we are both huge fans of Jap cuisine. Don't say I didn't warn you beforehand, the jap food isn't as authentic as those you get in like Kuriya or those atas authentic jap restaurant! I feel this is more mid range, like slightly above sakae/suki sushi.

But the variety is quite big so it was a very filling and hearty meal. They also serve fusion, western grill, teppanyaki, italian and a widespread of desserts besides the usual Jap dishes (: 
I know y'all are gonna ask me about the pricing so I took this off their website!

Daniel and I went on P.H so we paid more than usual :/ gonna go back on a weekday to eat again!!


Orchard Central, #08-01/02/03 
181 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238896 
Tel: (+65) 6736 1216

After lunch, we went to shop and I dragged him into Sephora cos they are having these insane Christmas gift packages and all of them looks soooooooo damn pretty!!! I wanted to show him the Too-faced palette that I was contemplating to buy.

So I told him "eh buy for me leh, you haven't bought me anything for very very very long already hehe"
I'm not the kind that asks my boyfriend to buy things for me cos I believe we should be independent even though we're girls, especially since I'm earning money already. But I just decided to be a "girl" that day and FORCED him to buy it lol.

He kept saying no because I have other eye shadow palettes which look the same already and it's a waste of money to spend so much on something similar again. But I kept giving him 1001 reasons why he should buy it and so..........

Yup he ended up in the queue with an even better palette than the one I wanted :D 
I kept smiling like a crazy girl cos he hardly pampers me "materialistically" so that was like WAHHHHHH I'M SO HAPPY I CAN DIE ALREADY moment.

Then he told me "You should have just waited or gave up, cos I was planning to come back to buy it to surprise you instead. I was staring at the palette so hard to remember how it looks like."

BAHAHAH I SUCK, SPOIL MY OWN SURPRISE. Of course, you can surprise me again Daniel. You're welcome anytime ^^

So this is the palette which I've fallen in love with!!! 
The colours are ahhhh-mazing!!

My favorites are "cherry cola", "Pastille", "Cap a teal" and "Peach fuzz"!

I used pastille and cap a teal last night and it looks gorgeous <3

The best thing about this palette is that there's something beneath the eye shadow....

AWESOME RIGHT??? You know that feeling of unwrapping your gift and when you thought that was the end, there's some more!!!!
I haven't tried this face palette but I can't wait to go out now so I can smack these on. It comes in a cute pink tin box so I'm definitely loving everything about it.

And again, I know y'all will ask how much is it! It's $79 retailing at Sephora!
You're welcome (: haha

So I've been shopping a bit too much lately and here are just SOME of the things I bought/got!

The blue shirt on the top left is for my daddio! Bought it from Zara so he can be a fashionista too hahah.

Attended Singtel Loop & Meet launch party with Nat, Kaykay, Eric, Carmen, Sheena and Dew last night at Butter but we didn't take any pictures :/
Some of us headed over to Zouk for TGIW after!

I look horrible in this picture(no wait actually I looked horrible the whole night) but it's the only picture of all of us. Taken from Sofie's ig!

I felt like I was with a rainbow last night cos half of them had boomz coloured hair! Like Donna, Eric, Sofie, Marie and Andrea! Yeah read on to see.

Don't know if it's because my hair is shorter or I put on weight, but my face looked so fat? And my top kinda makes me look preggers!!! :/

Marie wins RAINBOW HAIR AWARD!!!! 
Super pretty and colourful but it's something I'll NEVER dare to do! Don't you feel the glee just by looking at her hair and her smile? Like instant happiness hahah

Lincbojiomin looking cute with his bow tie last night!

Last night was so fun! Company and music were great (: Been so long since I had girly fun cos I'm always clubbing with Daniel and his guy friends. 

I'm putting these two pairs of heels up for sale cos it isn't fitting for me!
Both are sized at Euro 38 and worn out once only. 
Wine red from F21, condition : 7.5/10 selling for $30
Blue heels from Zara, condition 9.5/10, selling for $50

Email me at for confirmed purchases (:

Launching this Sunday!
Previews here.


ps. scroll down to the previous post if you haven't watched my latest vlog (: