I Have Been Good

Hi everyone,

Today is the beginning of a new month and I need to turn to another page on my calendar. On top of using it to track the day, I also use my calendar to take notes of the days I work out. Every day I do a full exercise deserves an x mark. A day that I only do half an exercise has half an x. A day that I don't do anything is left blank. So far, here is how my calendar looks during the last two months:

More x marks than blank spaces! Yay me!

I copied this method from a friend and it works for me. Seeing more x marks filling up further into the week makes me happy. There were days when I had all the excuses in the world not to exercise but I managed to work out. On Tuesday, I had one at 9pm and went to bed later. It was fulfilling as I knew I did not skip a workout. One day at a time, folks!

Also, meet my new best friends: Mr. Hot and Mr. Cold (cue Katy Perry song!)

Both of them are in extra strength but I like Icy Hot better since the tingling effect is longer. Deep Heat, on the other hand, is as hot as Hades. If you have sore muscle, rub a tiny bit of it on and feel the pain melt away immediately. Both of them do not have strong scents like Ben Gay, which I cannot stand. I used to have Ben Gay before and although it is quite hot, the smell is just horrendous. Mix Ben Gay with your own B.O and ewww! I don't really want to go there!

Finally, my yoga mat matches my sneakers:

Yup, yours truly has a hot pink yoga mat. So what? Actually, I think this was the best thing I bought last year. It was cheap and the color always makes me smile. People say hot pink (or fuchsia) is cheesy but I'd say do whatever makes you happy.

That's all for today's post. I feel good about exercising lately and it takes a lot for me not to talk too much about it here. Seriously, since I started working out again, I feel more vitality in my life. My outlook is more positive, too! It does not cost much to start exercising. All you need are a good pair of sneakers, a yoga mat to stretch, a few workout DVDs, a water bottle, a towel, a few hand weights and you're good to go.

I hope you work out, my beauties. Life is a lot better when you are healthy.

With love,
Dao xoxo

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