I Kinda Like Vedette Avocado Facial Mask

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What is my secret skincare crush? Sheet masks, of course! Although I don't do a lot of reviews on them here, secretly I am a sheet mask fanatic. I think I've used about half of the available scents/versions of My Beauty Diary thanks to the aid of my instigator friend Christine from M.A.C Nunu. MBD is highly effective but there are a couple of fall outs: they are quite expensive and for those who do not live in an Asian community, you can have a hard time finding them.

Although I can't get MBD in Vietnam, I've found a local brand called Vedette that's widely sold in mass markets similar to Target and Wal-Mart in the States. The formula is based on Japanese technology and the price is quite cheap (although it seems to bump up a little bit recently due to inflation.) During a recent trip to the supermarket, I found out that they had a couple of new scents and I chose two packs of avocado sheet masks. Why? Because yours truly had super dry skin at the time.

Does it work? Is it as good as MBD? We are bound to find out.

The packaging. You'll get a single sheet mask soaked with serum inside. The total weight is 25 grams which is more than your usual MBD.
What they said
Can you spot the grammatical mistakes? There are quite a few in there :) 
Directions and ingredient list
First of all, since Vedette has both English and Vietnamese instruction, it does take away the frustration. You don't know how many times I felt like risking myself for the sake of vanity because the product has some instructions in languages I do not know. While I can Google Translate some of the languages, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are hard to type as I don't know how. Hence, the risk.

The two times I used the avocado sheet masks, I had two different experience. The first time I used it, the serum had more viscosity in it, like what a serum should feel like. The second time around, it just felt like water: wet and drippy. On top of that, the fragrance is strong. Unlike MBD and other sheet masks I've used before where the fragrance just went away after a few minutes, this stayed on until you take off the mask.

Despite the drippy nature, this sheet mask does contain a lot of juice. In fact, I used the mask until it felt dry, took it out, dipped it back to soak up the remaining juice, and used it again until it went completely dry. Since it was windy last night, I finished the whole process while watching a movie. Surprisingly, it was a total relaxation period as I just lay there and let the mask do its work.

Did I tell you the mask was drippy? Oh yes, I did. However, I was surprised at how moist my skin felt during and after the process. After the sheet mask was dry, I tossed it away and slept with the dried serum on my face. In the morning, I woke up, washed my face and hello! Baby soft skin! Now, it's not as soft as when I used MBD but it was pretty close.

If you look closely at the ingredient list, you will notice two missing ingredients: hyaluronic acid and glycerin. MBD has them and that's why their masks are legendary. While both are moisturizing agents, hyaluronic acid is a super duper swell ingredient in skincare. Why? Because it can expand up to 1000 times its size and can lift your skin layers up from the inside. If you use it long enough, it can even make your wrinkles look less noticeable. I saw some unbelievable results with hyaluronic acid before and even has one picture in this blog to show: the Twitter picture you see on the right hand column. Yup, that was my skin with hyaluronic acid. Coupled with glycerin, a sheet mask has a moisturizing power like no other. While glycerin is affordable, hyaluronic acid is not. And that's why some sheet masks are more expensive than others, kids!

I can go all day to pick apart Vedette avocado facial mask but I am not going to do so. Why? Because I kinda like it. For the hot and humid weather that we have here, this weak and runny sheet mask does a good job moisturizing my face without making it feel too heavy. However, I do wish they add a bit of hyaluronic acid in it, though. As I have tried other varieties of Vedette before, I have to say the avocado rendition is more moisturizing than its predecessors. On top of that, Vedette never causes my skin to break out and for that, it earns some bonus brownie points in my book.

Since I don't think you can get this outside of Vietnam, I am not going to tell you to go get it. However, you should try sheet masks once in a while. If you can get My Beauty Diary then that would be perfect. I love sheet masks very much. How about you?

With love,
Dao xoxo

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