A Bottle of ATP Nail Polish with the Color of My Childhood

Hi everyone,

First of all, here's the joke of the day:
"A bloke walks into a pub, and asks for a pint of Adenosine Triphosphate.
The barman says "That'll be 80p (ATP) please!"
(note: 100p = £1, and ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate)
As a former biochemistry student, anything that has the word ATP on it would intrigue me. As a beauty blogger, nail polishes definitely get my interest. Guess what happened when I found a bottle of nail polish made by ATP? I had to buy it!

The best part about this nail polish is the color: the soft pink looks like the color of cotton candy to me. Normally, I don't wear pink nail polishes at all. The last time I wore something like this was in high school and I had to do it in hush-hush. You see, my high school had this no nail polish on your fingernails policy (although they did tolerate a clear top coat as I never got detentions while wearing top coats at all!) So, as a rebellious genius, I decided to paint my toe nails pink and since we wore closed-toe shoes, nobody but me knew my toe nails had some rad colors. However, a few close friends knew and we kept it on the down low :)

That was such a long time ago but when I saw this cotton candy nail polish made by ATP, I had to buy it and wore the heck out of it!

 I did two coats of nail polish before applying a coat of quick drying top coat. This color probably is the hardest thing I have ever applied as it tends to streak. It's a miracle that my nails don't look bad on film. I guess there's a girly side of me that I don't let out. Ever since I wore this nail polish, I kept on smiling at this nice pink color.

Durable-wise, it is as tough as nail. Today, I wanted to crack open a can with my finger nails. The job was done and the nails were not scratched. Amazing!

Last but not least, this is one of the few times my toe nails match my finger nails. This rarely happens as I always use two different colors on my hands and feet. However, this cotton candy color seems to be a good fit for both hands and feet.

So yup, I got a cotton candy nail polish from ATP and it makes me happy. It also reminds me of the mischievousness I accomplished in my childhood. I guess that's a score!

How about you? What do you think of this cotton candy color? Have you tried any similar color before?

With love,
Dao xoxo

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