Ms. Fix It Fixed Her Retractable Brush

Hi everyone,

This is my EcoTools retractable kabuki brush which I love very much. Only, there is a tiny problem: the brush is not retractable anymore.

As you can see, the case is separated from the brush and I did not do it purposely. After a few washes, the glue at the bottom of the brush fell off the case and I have been using this brush without the case for a while now. Even in this contouring tutorial, you can see I used the brush by itself. It is ok that way but I want my retractable brush, not a kabuki on a stick!

So far, this is the softest brush I have ever used. There is no way I am going to toss it away. Besides, replacing it is out of the question. So, with a little bit of patience and super glue, I managed to put my brush back together and make it a retractable brush once and for all.

Before I re-glued things together, I washed and dried my brush first. Depending on the weather, this brush can take up to 48 hours to dry and I made sure it dried completely before I proceeded to fix it.

What you need: all the parts of your brush and super glue. It does not matter what brand you use. The dollar store version works just fine. Here, I use the 502 glue, which is the Vietnamese super glue.
Step 1: put the shiny metal part...
...and glide it up. This part is the retractable component of the brush
Step 2: make sure the bottom of the brush as well as the inside of the case is clean. Then, open your super glue...
...then squeeze the super glue to the bottom of the brush without getting any glue into the hole. Also, squeeze the glue to the bottom of the casing
Step 3: quickly, put the brush into the casing and let the glue dry overnight.
DO NOT move or touch the brush while it dries. Doing so will disturb the drying process.
After the glue completely dries, put the cap back on and voila, your retractable brush is retracting again!

Also, super glue is good to glue back your brush once the ferrule is detached from the handle. Just make sure to glue the metal part to the wooden part without touching the brush bristles. Super glue dries fast so don't get it on your skin, either.

Hip-hop Abs update:

Today is day 2 of week 2 and things are getting a lil' intense. I did 2 workouts back to back since the schedule instructed me to do so. Now, as I am typing this, my obliques are sore. Tomorrow is going to be another double workout day and I can't wait for it!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Ecotools retractable brush is a really good brush and I am glad to find a way to fix it. How about you? Have you reattached your brush before?

With love from your makeup addict friend,
Dao xoxo

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