Faith Hill True Perfume Is Clean and Breezy

Hi everyone,

I love Faith Hill and her music. In fact, the first CD I bought in the U.S was "Breath" and I still have good memories when I heard the title song. When she came out with her first and eponymous fragrance, I bought and loved it a lot. Like Faith, her perfume smells very chic, classy, and feminine. Then, last year I got a travel size version of her second fragrance, Faith Hill True, for a dollar!

This perfume has been traveling with me to many, many places. Yet, I manage not to review it. Well, not anymore. Today, I am going to give my best shot at reviewing Faith Hill True perfume.

According to the website, Faith Hill True is described as the ultimate casual allure of a musky floral fragrance. This passionate and spirited fragrance captures your attention with an invigorating scent of sparkling citrus notes like Yuzu and Sheer Mimosa. Gardenia and Lily weave a breezy aura while precious woods and musk provide a sensual base.

The notes are:

  • Top Notes: Japanese Yuzu and Sheer Mimosa.
  • Heart Notes: White Lily and Gardenia.
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood and Sexy Musk.

My version is a traveling size with a removable mini bottle inside a cannister
The juice has a hint of blue in it, which is hard to see in this picture
Last year, since I traveled a lot, this was perfect for travelling. Not only it was small enough to tuck in the purse, it does not violate the liquid restriction when traveling by air. Also, while I love to smell nice when being on the road, I also do not want a fragrance-induced headache. After so many hours in the car, a strong scent can make me nauseated to a point of vomiting.

Faith Hill True is none of that. It is so nice and fresh that I barely notice it. It smells like fresh air on a sunny day at the beach: so fresh, so clean, so cheerful. Many times in China, I smelled something nice around me only to realize it was this fragrance on my body! This scent is personal. I have worn it so many times and people always commenting that I smell nice, not I wear a nice scent. Once sprayed on my body, it becomes a part of my skin and I guess that's why people cannot differentiate it as a perfume.

Moreover, Faith Hill True is not something I regularly wear. I am more of a fruity-floral-feminine fragrance wearer and this is not that. I would like to describe it as a watery scent with a tiny touch of chypre. Think of it as a lighter and more feminine version of CK One when it started out. However, as it progresses, Faith Hill True does not have that dirtiness that CK One has. It dries down quite sweet and feminine. Although it is not a strong scent, this perfume lingers on quite long. I spent 10 sweaty hours on the road only to come home and still smelled it on my skin. Amazing, right?

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! This perfume is perfect for everyday wear and if you are a Faith Hill fan, this is a must! This lady knows how to make classy perfume and so far, the two I have tried do not disappoint. It is sold at many mass-market stores as well as drug stores. If you wait until the holiday season, you can get the set for $15-25 USD. Not bad for some seriously nice perfumes!

That's all for today. Have you tried any of Faith's perfume? If you have, what is your experience? Share with me, ok?

With love from your perfume loving friend,
Dao xoxo

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