I Have Mad Love for Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

Hi everybody,

I think most of us remember our first love felt like. Despite using so many lip balms before, it was love at first touch to me when I discovered a blue tube of Nivea lip balm. That was more than 11 years ago and it took us that long to reunite.

Nivea Essential Care lip balm

My first tube of Nivea lip balm lasted me a good six month before it came to its glorious end. Back then, Nivea was not available in the U.S and I had a hard time trying to find a replacement. I came to a bloody conclusion that I had better give up hope and switch to ChapStick for good. That was what happened and despite finding some really decent ChapStick, in my heart of heart, I still had a very special longing for Nivea lip balm.

Why did I fall in love with it? First of all, back then (and probably 'til now), there was no lip balm that I could not compare to Nivea. It was silky smooth on my lips and it lasted incredibly long, too. One swipe and you're done. You can take on the wind, the rain, and the bitter cold but that Nivea lip balm won't fail you. No ma'am, it won't. Also, if you are familiar with that sweet classic Nivea scent, the blue lip balm has it, too. It was addicted to the feeling as well as the scent, which made it quite hard to jump ship afterwards.

It only took me a cold to reunite with my first lip balm love. The cold left me to breath with my mouth and soon enough, my lips were dried. I needed a lip balm badly. A trip to the pharmacy and I saw a couple of my favorite blue lip balms. I promptly asked for one and paid for it, feeling very giddy when I popped it open.

Guess what? The stuff is as good as it used to be but the ingredients are way better. I applied a coat and hours later, my lips were still moist. At night, before I went to bed, I put on a coat and in the morning, the stuff was still there! Good Lord, can a lip balm be any better?

Lip swatch
The Nivea lip balm, while colorless, does leave a nice glossy sheen
Ingredient list
From the ingredient list, there are quite a lot of emollient ingredients such as castor seed oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil, and glycerin. Believe me, this is a moisturizing lip balm without that waxy feeling that I hate. A layer is enough and it lasts really long, too!

Price-wise, the Nivea Essential Care lip balm is probably the cheapest lip balm you can find in Vietnam. I've used more expensive ones and they are not in the same level with this one. I've come to notice that while Nivea products sell well in Asia and Europe, they have a hard time in the U.S. Even when I saw this lip balm in the U.S, there were not so many of them and well, they looked ancient, which put me off from buying them.

Needless to say, I love this lip balm and I highly recommend it to those who love wearing lip balms, too! Once you use it, you will understand why I love it so much.

How about you? Have you tried Nivea Essential Care lip balm before?

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