Do You Subscribe to a Beauty Box Service?

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have seen a lot of beauty box services online. A lot of blogs I subscribe mentioned Birch Box and recently, Michelle Phan opened her own beauty box company called My Glam. As diverse as they sound, these beauty box services one few thing in common: for a monthly fee ($10-15 USD), you get a box of full-size and sample-size beauty products delivered to your door each month.

Initially, the idea sounds wonderful: with $10, you can hardly get any reliable drugstore makeup these days. However, the box services give you a few full-size products from department store brands. Wonderful, right?

However, most of the monthly reviews I have read were full of disappointments. Some people received products they did not need while others did not have so many full-size products they were promised when they signed up for the services. Also, the bunch of samples you get in the box, you can get them for free at Sephora as well. Needless to say, a lot of people felt like they did not get the full satisfaction out of their money.

That, I do agree with them. I did it once and then did not do it again because of that same reason. Also, in some services, the boxes sent out are not the same. Some may have more valuable things in their boxes while yours is full of samples. That time, I was hoping to get some cool eye shadows but ended up with something I could not use at all. Off they went to the trash can and so was my $10!

In Michelle Phan's new beauty box service, I hope less people would be disappointed since her company allows you to view the products in the box before you decide to buy. This is a smart move and I hope it will change the beauty box service soon.

How about you? Have you subscribed to any beauty box services? Do you like it?

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