Dove Beauty Cream Bar: an Oldie but a Goodie

Hi everyone,

It has been cooler during the past few weeks and my skin decided to have its own crisis. The body wash that I used before started to give my skin rashes and I felt unclean a couple of hours after taking a shower. Very strange, indeed. Thankfully, I found a bar of pink Dove beauty cream bar and gave it a try. Best decision ever!

About 3 days after I started using the Dove bar, my skin started to heal. No more itching and the rash began to calm down. Yay, thank you Baby Jesus! On top of that, my skin felt smooth and nice. I actually smelled nice, too! Lovely!

Dove bar is probably one of those body care products people tend to overlook because it is so familiar. I mean, a lot of us know what it is when we were babies. Even my grandma used it. It's that familiar. Yet, Dove bar is still in the market while other new brands kinda dwindle these days.

Here is a thing about Dove: it is very gentle and moisturizing. Even babies can use it. I remember my mom washing my brother with Dove when he was a wee kid and I loved to smell his skin afterwards. And when I had a nasty burn during freshman year, guess what the doctor gave me? A bar of Dove to wash my hands as well as some lotions.

Which leads to one point: the Dove bar is a multi-functional product. You can use it to wash your body as well as your face since it has neutral pH. A bar can last for a long time if you keep it away from water. I always keep my Dove bar in a soap dish away from the shower. Also, if you want a basic face wash without spending a lot of money, the scent-free Dove bar is right up your alley. In fact, I used it for a while even when my acne was worse than now. It cleansed my face without making it too crunchy and oily. While it did not give my skin a lot of improvements, it was a relief from the strong medicated acne face washes I used back then.

Dove beauty cream bars are great and I am glad to use it again. Every time I use a Dove bar, I find something nice and surprising to add to the list. These days, it is easy for us to get hooked into new and fancy things while the tried and true are always there for us.

How about you? Do you love Dove beauty cream bar?

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