What Have Happened to My Eyelashes?

Hi everyone,

Last night, while I was playing around with my Shu lash curler, I could not believe my eyes of how beautiful my lashes currently are. Back in the days, I used a ton of mascara to coax out the three lashes that were visible. No matter how much I curled them and how many coats of mascara they had, the lashes just refused to show. Bah, humbug, right?

But now, look at these bad boys:

Visible lashes are visible!
No mascara needed, yay!
My lashes are longer, too.
And it feels nice to have longer lashes :)
I wish I knew why my lashes are longer. Perhaps the humidity helps my lashes grow? But I know for sure that I don't curl my lashes that often anymore and I definitely don't use waterproof mascaras. Therefore, the lashes are not being agitated as much. But that's just my theory.

But still, I don't have a full lash line and I can't change that. Genetically, this is how my lashes are going to be and I'm just happier that they look so much longer now.

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