Week 7 Fitness Report

Hi everyone!

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Week 7 was interesting. I have come to realized that my weight loss is less stellar that those of the contestants on "The Biggest Loser." But it's fine. At least I know every gram I shed, I worked my butt off :)

What I did during week 7:

  • Monday: break
  • Tuesday: Cardio Party                 50 min
  • Wednesday: Mix + weight lifting  60 min
  • Thursday: Zumba Live                 55 min
  • Friday: break
  • Saturday: Zumba basic & 20-minute workout, weight 1hr 20 min
  • Sunday: gym                                1hr 30 min
Total amount of time sweating things out: 5hrs 50 minutes!

Two good things happened this week:

1. This:
Don't laugh at my keg belly, ok?
It's a work in progress. Six pack abs are not built in one day.

This is a pair of size 10 DKNY jeans. When I went to Cambodia, it was tight, tight, tight. Now, look at the gap between my belly and the button. I can't believe it! I'm doing the traditional weight loss pose with the pair of jeans :D

2. I passed my half-way mark on Monday. That's right, folks: 50 days down, 50 more to go. I can't believe I lasted this long, either. Having a tangible goal helps.

Fitness tip of the week: Don't by shy to ask for help

I'm always this girl who would do things by herself. Sometimes, I get things right. Other times, I'm just stuck with the wrong things I do over and over again until someone is kind enough to point that out to me. Last week, I was using the stretch machine and I learned that my stretches were horribly wrong. Thankfully, a trainer helped me out and now, I know how to stretch my muscles properly.

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