Shine with Astra Italy Illuminante 4Ever Lip Gloss in No. 4

Hi everyone,

It seems like forever since I wrote a review, right? Truth be told, I don't use that much makeup anymore. Except for the weekly FOTDs that I have been so diligently doing, my days go pretty much sans makeup. A bit of lipstick and maybe mascara here and there on top of sunscreen and that's it. Sometimes, I wonder what happened already :)

Last year, my friend Gio from Beautiful with Brains and I did a swap. She sent me this awesome lipgloss from Italy called Astra Illuminante 4Ever in shade number 4.

Astra Italy Illuminante 4Ever lip gloss in shade #4
First of all, notice how big it is? This lip gloss is about the size of the Wonder Woman one. The design is similar to the Lancome gloss with the product housed inside a clear plastic tube. Despite the hugeness, this is one kick-ass gloss. It has fine silver shimmers and the texture is not too sticky.

 Also, the wand is great. Since it is a brush, application is more precise. The wand picks up enough product and I only need to dip once.

Close-up of the tube
See how shimmering it is?
 My camera had a hard time capturing the correct color of this gloss. It is not orange but has a touch of pink in it, which makes it wearable to both warm and cool tone people.

Lip swatch
Despite how colorful it is on the tube, this gloss goes sheer. I can barely see the color. Also, since the shimmers are very fine, I don't feel them at all. While it is a gloss, Astra Illuminante 4Ever is quite moisturizing. I found myself reaching for it quite a lot when I could not find a lip balm. The lasting power is decent for a gloss. It is there unless you do a lot of excessive drinking and eating.

This gloss, despite how awesome it is, comes with a flaw: it smells like Lancome Tresor. Really, that's the scent of this gloss. It fades away after 10 minutes and takes a while to get used to but still, the Illuminante lip gloss is a wonderful product.

To recap, the Astra Illuminante 4Ever lip gloss in shade number 4 is an awesomely glossy product. It goes sheer by itself and enhances the shine when applying on top of lipstick. Also, it is moisturizing and can be used without a lip balm. The lasting power is decent and it smells like Tresor.

If you can find it, please get it. This lip gloss will not let you down.

Disclaimer: I received it from a swap.
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