A Shameless Plugging: Life and Rewrite

Hi everyone,

May I interrupt your off-day on My Makeup Blog with a quick announcement? It's been a month since I opened another blog. I heard a collective gasp in the air.

"What do you mean you have another blog?" you said. "You barely blog here!"

Friends, I know what you mean. I really am. After 3+ years of blogging here, I always feel thankful for the readership I have and the friendship I have cumulated via this blog. I cherish them. But as I grow, I have different needs. I enjoy writing and I believe it's time for me to have my own writing blog where I can talk about writing, movies, and other non-makeup things. It is somewhat more personal than this blog but you don't get to see my face that much over there.

So, if you want to take a look at it, here's the link: Life and Rewrite. Yup, it's a WordPress blog, which makes me feel a bit traitorous over Blogger. But read my opinion about Blogger and WordPress here. You will understand.

I hope you will enjoy Life and Rewrite as much as you have in My Makeup Blog. It's still me over there but the topics are slightly different. In the meantime, I still maintain the thrice weekly blogging schedule on this blog.

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