The Three Favorite Oils I Can't Live Without

Hi everybody,

Happy Monday! I just finished my first workout of the week and decided to blog a little bit before heading to the shower. As you all know, I am a fan of moisturizing my face with oil. After 3+ years of beauty blogging, I have tried a few oils and realized there are a few I can't live without. Not only oils are cheap and stable, they also have therapeutic powers that rival to expensive face creams.

Here are my favorites:

1. Coconut oil

Everytime I use it to moisturize my face, I think of summer. It is a great moisturizer that contains lauric acid, an ingredient that kills acne-causing bacteria. I wrote a review here and I'm still using it. My skin is a lot smoother now, too, which is why I love coconut oil so much.

2. Jojoba oil

I still don't understand why I did not write a review on jojoba oil yet. (Need to do that!) Before switching to coconut oil, I was an avid fan of jojoba oil. I call it "liquid gold" for a reason, as it is gentle, moisturizing, and does not clog pores. During the time I had my worst acne, this was the only thing I used to moisturize my face. As it is technically a wax, it dissolves and pulls blackhead plugs out of the pores really well. My mom is also a fan of jojoba oil as it did a great job keeping her skin supple during the cold months.

3. Olive oil

You use it on your salad, you use it on your hair, your face, your skin, your nails, your eyelashes. Anyway you roll it, olive oil is good for you. It is a versatile moisturizer, albeit being a tad thicker than coconut and jojoba oils. I wrote a review on olive oil here and a face/body scrub recipe here.

Coconut, jojoba, and olive oils are not that difficult to find anymore. In fact, they are getting more affordable if you buy them during sales. If you choose to moisturize with oil, make sure to get the highest grade possible. Cold pressed and organic oils are the way to go since they retain more vitamins and minerals while the source was not exposed to harmful chemicals such as pesticides.


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