Fitness Report #4

Hi everyone,

Yay, I passed the first month and I'm still alive! A couple of days ago, I tweeted this:

Everyday, I wake up feeling sore and human. The soreness shows me I am making progress and I need to work out more to get over that. The days I exercise, I feel more alert and awake. The days I don't, I feel as if I am missing something. I am still at awe of how this phenomenon happened to me. I heard about it many times over but I did not believe it. At all.

Here are what I did during week 4:

  • Monday: Gym                             1hr 10 minutes
  • Tuesday: break (got sick)
  • Wednesday: break (still sick)
  • Thursday: Yoga                           1hr
  • Friday: Yoga and Pilates              55 minutes
  • Saturday: Gym                            1hr 15 minutes
  • Sunday: Gym                              1hr 15 minutes
Total amount of time: 5 hours 35 minutes!!!

Now, before you all get excited about my time, let me point out that I had 2 low impact workouts last week (the 2 yoga sessions.) Since I had a cold, my body was achy and my muscles were stiff. Yoga is the way to go in this scenario.

I do enjoy my time at the gym and I push myself harder when I am there. Usually, I do 50-60 minutes of cardio and the rest I spend on lifting weight and stretching. I do notice more muscle definitions in my arms and back these days :)

Fitness tip of the week:

If you want to exercise but don't have the workout DVDs, search YouTube. There are so many types of workout videos there, ranging from yoga to pilates to zumba to even belly dancing. In fact, when I learned belly dancing, I used YouTube to learn the moves. Also, now that people can post longer workouts on YT, you may find hour-long programs there as well.

And last but not least, a thank you...

I have received a couple of unsubscription notices in my email lately. Each of them makes me wonder what I did wrong with this blog. I know this is not the same blog as it was three years ago. Back then, I was younger, more enthusiastic, and had so many things to give. Now, I am in a situation where blogging about makeup and beauty products everyday is impossible.

I thought about closing down this blog a few times this year. But each time, I talked myself out of it. I have the nicest group of readers I can dream of and I don't want to let you down. You guys are so understanding and I am very thankful for that.

So I made a decision to do the best I can. I decided to scale down to 3 posts per week and one post is about fitness and exercises. Of course, I know this is not what I had in mind when I started blogging here. But I do believe fitness is also a part of beauty. We all need to stay healthy.

Again, I am thankful for your presence and your support toward my new endeavors. This means a lot to me!

P.S: If you like my blog, please subscribe to my feed. Thanks a lot!