Belly at Large: How It All Began

Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago, I went through my photo albums in my laptop and realized Belly has been in my life two years. The first pictures I had of him was taken in March 2nd, 2009. It took me more than a year to persuade him to blog here. Since then, the Home Kitty has been globally recognized as one of the top felines in the beauty and lifestyle blog world. It's just a tip of the iceberg as Belly the cat is extremely talented. The only things he lacks are opposable thumbs, which makes it difficult for him to type. But he recently acquired the Dragon Naturally Speaking software for cats and he is going to post more in the future.

For those who are not familiar of Belly's upbringing, the story is here. But anyways, the first time we met happened as followed:

 It was a rare sunny day when winter slowly turned to spring. A stripped brown tabby cat was sunning on top of one of my neighbors' cars. He did not give me any attention but after I saw him, I realized this cat has some cool factor in him. I called out, "Hey, kitty, kitty!"

He jumped down from the roof and walked over to me. His strides were full of swagger.

More about Belly ahead. Jump with me, ok?

Belly was walking like a boss :)
At that time, I thought Belly was a girl since his stomach was sagging and he was already neutered
 Regardless of the gender mistake, Belly was a very polite kitty. He let me touch him for a while, until he got tired of me and decided to do some extra sunbathing on his own.

He was so contented and purring the whole time I was there.
Belly was so happy!
 I played with him and talked to him. He was shy at first but upon realizing that I would not catnap him, he warmed up to me. I realized he was hungry so I went home and got a piece of bread. I spread some butter on top and brought it outside to the Home Kitty. He licked the butter but refused to eat the bread.

Then, before I was about to go home, Belly did this move: he flipped on his back and showed his tummy to me! It took him a couple more times to follow me home. From then on, we had a sweet relationship with Belly bossing me around and giving me stank eyes. Yet, I love him. Sometimes, I even dream of him and his fuzzy face.

Yup, that's how we met. And that's how I learn to love again.


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