Fun with Black and Red FOTD

Hi everybody,

New York Fashion Week is gone but its essence still lingers in the air. This year, the colors are stronger in both eyes and lips, which makes it my favorite fashion week ever! For every woman out there, once you master the art of painting the smokey eyes, you are set for life. Seriously, clothings can get in and out of style but every single season, the smokey eyes are there to stay. You can play it up for a sultry date night or play it down for a fun day at school. There's no limit to the smokey eyes.

Normally, smokey eyes are paired with nude lips. But not this year, sisters! People go all out for strong and bright colors these days. I like my smokey eyes with cherry red lips. The combination reminds me of the 50s, or Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt's baby mama pulls this combo extremely well.

But so can I :)

Look, I can do sultry, too!

 The hand trick was an attempt to cover a flaming zit. Watching "America's Top Model" did pay off.

I've done the smokey eyes so many times in this blog but for those who are curious, here's the link to a tutorial. What's different this time around is I use more matte eye shadows from a limited edition L'Oreal quad called "Starlet". I doubt you can find it anywhere now. Also, I brought the black eyeshadow up a lot higher. For my original tutorial, the dark eyeshadow just hovered around the lash line.

Difference number 2: the silver eyeliner (L'Oreal HiP chrome eyeliner in Silver Lightning, good stuff!)
I drew some fake lashes to the bottom lash line and did a kind of Egyptian eye

Close-up at the semi-close eye
I also dabbed a bit of the silver liner to the inner corner of my eyes

The eyes have it

But then, I had some fun: I painted my lips geisha style
Red lipsticks: NYC Retro Red and NYX Gardenia
Blush: EDM Snuggle

And wiped it off for some paler lips

Played with my hair and had a Snookie moment :)

And went down the rabbit hole to be Alice in Wonderland
Lipstick used: Quiet, Please!

Red lipstick is very addictive. Everytime I removed my red lipstick, I felt naked and empty. It's like the allure was being washed away or something. It is a strange feeling. Don't you feel the same, too?


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