A Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Stalker is Born!

Hello everybody,

While I vouch to myself that I am not going to buy anymore makeup until the end of this year, my eyes have been wandering to the perfume realm. I take pride in the fact that I want to smell nice and dandy. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, or BPAL to its devotee, has been the ground for my stalking activity these days. My love of perfume started before I began to use makeup and throughout the years, I’ve accrued quite a few bottles of perfumes. However, being a perfumista is a costly hobby, as currently a bottle of perfume hovers around the 65-dollar mark. Also, some of them may contain a vast amount of alcohol, which my skin does not enjoy.

BPAL, on the other hand, produces only pure perfume oil. Starting at $15 a pop, it is considered a bargain as a little dab can go a very long way. On top of that, they let you sample in tiny vials called “Imp’s Ears”, or known as an imp by BPAL lovers. An imp costs $3.50 USD a piece or $19.50 for six. To add more fire to the damage, BPAL has many scents, most are impable, which is the BPAL lingo for sample-able.

My wandering eyes are fixated on some of the scents and when possible, I'll imp them:
  1. (Old) Paris
  2. (Old) Shanghai
  3. Morocco
  4. Ozymandias
  5. Kyoto
  6. Moscow
  7. Havana
  8. Liz from Hellboy collection
And guess what? BPAL devotees also has a BPAL board where all scents are reviewed. I consulted this board a lot when making my lemming list.

Love the website's artwork

While the sheer number of scents available can make my head spin, I do enjoy the black and white artwork the website has. BPAL website has a retro and intriguing vibe that makes perfume shopping more interesting to me.

Anybody out there are BPAL devotees? What are your favorite scents? Please share with me, I even consider to go headlong to this madness in the near future.

Note: all pictures in this post are courtesy of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I'm not yet a BPAL devotee but I may soon join the rank.


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